To Inspire

In our ongoing efforts to inspire you in faith, service and social justice, we offer these gifts. As we create new videos and other inspirational content we invite you to download and make use of these assets so that others in your parish, community and beyond may view them and join our journey. And be sure to follow us on social media and share to spread the message of inspiration!









Powerful Stories from Our First 100 Years

From our grassroots fundraising and community initiatives to the diverse range of impactful resolutions we bring forward to government, our first one hundred years contain so many powerful stories we could only scratch the surface – but you can help. Share these stories with someone who may not know them and tell them your own stories as well!


What’s Your CWL?

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is many things to many people. Whether it’s faith, service, social justice or sisterhood, thousands of women have found fulfillment by becoming members.

Watch the videos below to see what our members are saying – Do they inspire you to tell your own story on social media? If so, we’d love for you to post your own video or comment with the hashtag #WhatsYourCWL.

Or maybe it inspires you to join us, click here to get started!


IYOK Selfie PosterShare the Message with Your Parish – Print this Poster!

Tell your sisters how they can participate! Print this poster and put it up on your parish bulletin board! We all have inspirational stories to share, and by using the hashtag #WhatsYourCWL we can bring our stories together.

A National Sisterhood

National Sisterhood Map

Spread the Word(s)!

The CWL means many things to many people. It’s what ties us together from coast to coast. Share this map on social media or download and print a poster for your parish to inspire others! Use the hashtag #WhatsYourCWL in your post and tell us what you find most fulfilling about being a member, or tag a friend who you think would want to join!

National Sisterhood Map 17x11
Poster 17 x 11”

National Sisterhood Map 11x8.5
Poster 11 x 8.5”

National Sisterhood Map Social Posts
Social Posts