WUCWO president’s monthly message and WUCWO Day May 13th

May 06, 2016

Dear friends,

Happy WUCWO Day! Together with Our Lady of Fatima, on the 13th May, we celebrate WUCWO Day which, as stated in our President’s monthly message (attached) will have a special function: the start of a collection for drinking water projects (6th resolution from the GA Fatima).

At the present time we have two projects under consideration: one for a local well for rural population in Keur Mbar (Senegal) and another for a school without drinking water in Colonia Bajo Hondo Chico (Argentina). (see photos attached)

Please, kindly send the Secretariat photographs and a brief text of the various activities that were carried out to celebrate WUCWO Day (prayers, fundraising: one dollar per member, ask the Parish to hold a collection on a particular Sunday, etc.)

Sharing the solidarity and creativity of each organisation will do good for all. Thank you for welcoming this request.

May our Lady Queen of Peace bless all the women of WUCWO,

Maria Lia Zervino, Servidora
WUCWO Secretary General

PDF of president’s message