An urgent request for prayers for peace

October 20, 2014

[print_link] As National Spiritual Advisor Bishop William McGrattan (Peterborough) stated in his spring 2014 message of The Canadian League magazine, “The most pressing situation we face is one of peace, and Pope Francis has called for the entire world and the church to pray for this gift which was promised by Christ. In the coming year, I invite members to pray the rosary at each of their parish council meetings and to pray for peace throughout the world and Canada within their local dioceses and parishes.”

Due to increasing international developments of war and violence, it is crucial to begin this prayer to the rosary and for peace immediately.

Jesus said if we had the faith of a tiny mustard seed we could command a mountain to move. There must be enough faith filled women among us to move countries, citizens and terrorist groups toward peaceful resolution of conflict, and we ask League members across the country to pray and move the mountain of war and violence toward peace.

We have divided Canada into five sections so that the rosary can be said each day in at least one section:

Day 1: British Columbia and Yukon
Day 2: Alberta Mackenzie
Day 3: Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Day 4: Ontario
Day 5: Quebec and Atlantic Canada

The weekends are free for all to pray for peace in whatever form each wishes. Please include (say or sing) St. Francis’s Prayer for Peace and the Memorare.

It is with great confidence this intense prayer intention will make a difference.