St. Bernard, Moncton, N.B.

March 27, 2017

St. Bernard Parish Council (Moncton, NB) wishes to share a poem by Edna Daley Landry, a member in her youthful nineties who continues to bring inspiration to all our League sisters.


St. Bernard’s Catholic Women’s League

We are a group of Catholic women

St. Bernard’s knows us well

We are friends and sisters in the league

We are St. Bernard’s CWL.


Some visit the sick in the hospital

Some go to seniors at home

It helps to make the day better

When they are living alone.


We make lunch for funerals

So friends can come to grieve

And far-away friends can have

A snack before they leave.


We make sandwiches for Circle-of-Friends

And a tray with something sweet

We eat and chat and say a prayer

With new friends that we meet.


Some help in the church

When they are called to read

CWL is ready

To answer every need.


We work and pray together

A few stories we will tell

We try to do our best

We are St. Bernard’s CWL.


We don’t think we are saints

On halos we don’t dwell

We all love our parish

We are St. Bernard’s CWL.


We try to help the poor

And those we know in need

We do not question people

Just do our mighty deed.


May God keep and bless us

For many years to come

And to all new members

A blessed CWL welcome!


Written By: Edna Daley-Landry

St. Bernard’s Church

Moncton NB

Submitted by Louise Ongo