September message from National President, Margaret Ann Jacobs

September 01, 2017

It’s September already! Welcome back to routine… school, work, chores …!

While the national convention is still fresh in my mind, it’s hard to believe that already decisions need to be made for next year. I am eternally grateful to all who contributed to the success of this convention and perhaps this is the best time to note changes that could enhance our time together next year.

The strategic planning committee is focused on evaluating progress to date, planning workshops to be presented at provincial meetings this fall and initiating next steps for each of the sub-committees. A lengthy teleconference call is on the horizon. Wasn’t it a marvel to watch the live feed responses flash before our eyes at convention?

The National Council of Catholic Women is gathering in Houston Texas September 6-9. But with the severe flooding that has occurred, this yearly event may have to be rescheduled. It is an interesting gathering of Catholic women whose organization differs somewhat from ours but represents the voice of their members.

The Plenary Session of the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) is always an opportunity for the League to meet and become better acquainted with the work of the Bishops and we value our time as a guest at their preliminary meetings.

Like all of you, I look forward to reconnecting with my League sisters at parish level. The Fall always was an exciting time when regional meetings would allow the privilege of experiencing the changing seasons – from full summer blooms to autumn’s leaves of flaming colour; from long drives in daylight to travel in the dark when we switched back to standard time.

Living in cottage country, Labour Day weekend was always a busy time as revellers made that last long trek to have holiday time with family and friends and school children celebrated before their academic year began. Let us not forget that Labour Day originally gave workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions and pay – for what is just and fair.

September offers many other opportunities for awareness – arthritis month, Sept. 8 – The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and International Literacy Day, Sept. 10 – Grandparents Day and World Suicide Prevention Day, Sept. 17 – Terry Fox Run and Sept. 21 – International Day of Peace. Check out the CCCB website for life and family suggestions for homilies and prayers of the faithful during Sept. 2017.

As we settle into our fall routine, I encourage you to initiate Ken Yasinski’s recommendation at convention and become a living thank you. Initiate a gratitude journal; express to our loved ones how grateful we are for their presence in our lives. Let us share our lived experience of God’s love with others by reaching out to them and praying with them.

God bless your September,

Margaret Ann