Secretary-Treasurer Communique #1 — Janet McLean

September 08, 2016


Secretaries &Treasurers

September 6, 2016                                                        Communiqué 01

One Heart, One Voice, One Mission: Palliative and Hospice Care

To: Provincial Secretaries & Treasurers

National Executive (for information)

From: Janet McLean, National Secretary-Treasurer
Encl. Secretary–Treasurer’s  Oral  Report  presented  at  the  2016  annual national convention

List of 2016 Provincial Secretaries and Treasurers


It is with profound humility, and with Our Lady’s help, that I assume the duties of national secretary-treasurer. Some of you have also recently assumed the duties of provincial secretary or treasurer while others are beginning their second year. I look forward to getting to know all of you and to receiving any communiqués you send to your counterparts at other levels of the League as I am sure to benefit from your advice and experience.

I joined the League in 1985 and, in a few months, was asked to do publicity for a council fund-raising event. This led to positions as a chairperson, treasurer and eventually parish council president. Many members of my parish council were involved at the diocesan and provincial level and were wonderful mentors to me. I served on Montreal Diocesan Council for 10 years, was treasurer for the 2007 annual national convention held in Montreal, and eventually served as provincial president of the Québec provincial council from 2011-2013.  I have just finished my first two-year term on the national executive as national legislation chairperson and found it a most challenging and rewarding experience. I am sure that my new position will be equally exciting!

My professional background consists of a two year secretarial course taken after high school.  I then started work at for a Montreal legal firm and worked for the same firm for a total of 43 years as a legal secretary, office and personnel manager and, most recently, as senior accountant in the accounting department. During this time I also completed a B. Comm. Degree, with a major in accounting, from Concordia University in Montreal. I retired in the fall of 2014 and have not had time to be bored with League work at the parish, provincial and national levels, swimming, curling and gardening keeping me busy.

As secretaries or treasurers at the provincial level, I am confident that you have experience in your respective fields, whether in your professional career or as women who have held the position at other levels of the League, in community groups, church groups or other organizations for which these two positions are indispensable. However, if you are like me, you also appreciate job descriptions for your position that can help you carry out your duties to the best of your ability. League manuals, as well as your provincial council’s own manuals and an updated job description from your predecessor can all be valuable tools for successfully fulfilling these two positions.

Over the course of my term, I would like to update both the national Guidelines for Treasurers and the Handbook for Secretaries as this has not been done for some time. If you have any suggestions for changes to these two documents, your input would be most appreciated. I am also interested in all your comments and suggestions which can help all those members who serve as secretaries or treasurers at the various levels of the League. In addition, if there is anything on which you require advice or assistance, I will do my best, with God’s help, to be of service to you.

Your sister in the League,

Janet McLean

National Secretary-Treasurer