800 Series: Workshops

All workshops are available for download. Click on the highlighted title to access. For the Catch the Fire PowerPoint Handouts, please send an email request to communications@cwl.ca.

801 1% Program Update (Unavailable at this time) 816 Mary and the Eucharist
802 A Short Exercise in Discernment 817 Mentoring
803 ABCs of Legislation [The] 818 On Being Kinder to Each Other
804 Affirming Workshop: Who? What? Why? How? When? 819 One in the Spirit
805 Catch the Fire*(Agenda) (PowerPoint) (Evaluation) 820 Prayers and Workshops for Women of Peace and Hope
806 Community Life and Social Teaching
(PowerPoint) (Presenter’s Notes)
821 Rainbows and Flowers
807 Companions on the Journey Skit
808 Dealing with Conflict in Order to Reach a Win-Win Solution 823 S’Mores
809 Euthanasia 824 Trafficking of Women and Children
810 Friends + Bread = A Difference 825 Workshop on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
811 Honorary Life Members PowerPoint 826https://beit-mirkahat.com World Peace: A Family Recipe
812 How to Prepare a Parish Council Manual of Policy and Procedure 827 Mothers of Love and Faith
813 Laudato Si: An Invitation to Change Our Hearts 828 Executive Orientation program
815 Living with the Saints 829 Introductory Letter
Legislation Workshop (2021)
830 League Misconceptions Workshop
831 Workshop for Spiritual Advisors Package

PowerPoint Presentation to Clergy (short final)

Script Presentation for Clergy (short final)

Catch the Fire Powerpoint for Spiritual Advisors

Guide for Spiritual Advisors Handout

Background for CWL Leaders for a Presentation to Spiritual Advisors