700 Series: Prayers and Hymns

700 8 candles – Lighting Prayers for Peace 721 Objects of the League as We Love One Another
701 A Pilgrim’s Companion Song 722 Our Fellow Travelers, Companions on the Journey
702 A Prayer that We Might be Prophets in Our Own Times 723 Patient Trust
703 A Spirit of Solidarity 724 Prayer before Our CWL Pilgrim Journey
704 Advent Reflection 725 Prayer for Social Justice
705 An Old Irish Journey Blessing 726 Prayer of Farewell
706 Ceremony for the Presentation of Service Awards 727 Prayer Service for a Deceased Member
707 Closing Blessing 728 Prayer Service for the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel
708 Companions on the Journey 729 Prayer to the Mother of God, Mary
709 Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel 730 Reception of New Members
710 Friday Evening Prayer (Autumn) 731 Red String [The]
711 Gifts of Companions and Friendship 732 Strength of Women
712 Human Trafficking Prayer Service 733 To Love One Another is to Give Our Life
713 I am Thankful 734 Together in Spirit
714 Installation of a Spiritual Advisor 735 We Can Learn from a Contemporary Saint: Edith Stein
715 Installation or Reaffirmation of CWL Officers 736 We Remember the Bread of Life
716 Litany of Our Lady of Good Counsel 737 We Remember the Cup of Salvation
717 Litany of Saints 738 We Walk in the Footsteps of Mary
718 Maria Sacerdota 739 With Burning Hearts, Take and Eat
719 Meditation on Mary and the Transformation of the Church 740 Music – Our Lady of Good Counsel
720 Memorial Service for Deceased Members 741 Sheet Music – Our Lady of Good Counsel