600 Series: Manuals

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Available in Print
Archive Guidelines for League History

Archives Brochure

617 Parliamentary Procedure
602 1990-2005 Supplement to League History 618 Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook (2020)
603 Ceremonies Booklet 619 Strategic Plan Booklet
604 Constitution & Bylaws 620 Resolutions Guide
605 CWL Prays 621 Welcome Program
606 Executive Handbook 622 Calendar of Social Justice Events
607 Guide to Hosting Diocesan/Provincial Convention 623 Embracing Diversity: Tools for Councils Use
608 Guide to Hosting the Annual National Convention 624 Catholic Social Teaching Resources
609 Guidelines for Treasurers 625 Care for God’s Creation Resources
610 Handbook for Organization Chairpersons 625a Our Common Home: A Crash Course (PowerPoint, attachment 1)
611 Handbook for Past Presidents 625b Our Common Home: Speaker’s notes
612 Handbook for Secretaries 626 Prayers and Spiritual Programs
613 Handbook for Spiritual Advisors 627 Faith, Service, Social Justice Brochure
614 Leading the League 628 Prayer Service Planning Workshop
615 National Manual of Policy and Procedure (2022) 628a Prayer Service Planning PowerPoint
616 National Manual of Policy and Procedure annual updates (2015), (2016), (2017), (2018), (2019), (2020), (2022) 629 Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers ; Erratum
630 The Joy of Leadership; Erratum
631 Existing Programs and Courses on Catholic Social Teaching
632 Life and Dignity of the Human Person