500 Series: Forms

All forms are available to download and print by clicking on the form title. If national office prints and posts, shipping charges apply.

Council Administration Forms 
501 application for certificate of organization 513 national voluntary fund remittance form (fillable)
502 banner order form 514 new and renewed member list form  (fillable)


Bellelle Guerin award form (fillable)

Bellelle Guerin award disclaimer

515 online membership system enrollment form (fillable)
504 change of information form  (fillable) 516 parish council remittance form
(2020) (2020 fillable) (2021) (2021 fillable)
505 deceased member reporting form (fillable) 517 pre-authorized debit form for parish
506 disbanding a parish council package 518 pre-authorized debit form to diocese
507 flag order form 519 price list and order form (fillable)
508 life member nomination package 520 treasurer annual report form
509 maple leaf service pin form 521 nomination for elections form
510 member transfer form            (fillable) 522 Deacon’s spiritual advisor stole form
511 name tag order form (2020) 523 Checklist for Reviewing Proposed Resolutions / Fillable
512 national development fund package Member Forms
512A and 512B guidelines(A) application (B) 550 Constitution & Bylaws amendments form
512C report (C) 551 Policy and Procedure revisions form
552 national bursary application    Fillable