300 Series: Promotional Material

Items available for purchase from the store. If national office prints and mails any printable or downloadable items, shipping charges apply. Please contact national office via e-mail or telephone, (204) 927-2310.


CWL Promotions Partner Promotions
301 “For God and Canada” DVD 350 CNEWA brochure
302 gratitude postcards 351 Coady brochure
303 invitation cards 352 D&P brochure
304 membership poster
305 pro-life brochure Theme Promotion
306 share the gifts of faith poster 370 handbill
307 video testimonial 371 logo 
308 welcome brochure 372 PowerPoint presentation
309 Woman on a Mission video 373 prayer card
310 100th anniversary pin
311 Annulment Brochure
312 National Bursary Fund Brochure
313 Welcome Program Brochure
314 Be a Bridge Through Generations postcard
315 Be a Bridge Through Generations poster
316 Many Cultures in Faith postcard
317 Many Cultures in Faith poster
318 Embracing Diversity graphic
319 One Heart, One Vision graphic