300 Series: Promotional Material

Items available for purchase from the store. If national office prints and mails any printable or downloadable items, shipping charges apply. Please contact national office via e-mail or telephone, (204) 927-2310.


CWL Promotions Partner Promotions
301 “For God and Canada” DVD 350 CNEWA brochure
302 Gratitude Postcards 351 Coady brochure (under revision)
303 Invitation Cards A

Invitation Cards B

352 D&P brochure
304 Membership Poster
305 pro-life brochure Theme Promotion
306 Share the Gifts of Faith poster 371 logo
307 video testimonial 372 PowerPoint presentation
308 Welcome (Why Am I A Member) Brochure 373 prayer card
309 Woman on a Mission video
310 100th anniversary pin
311 Annulment Brochure
312 National Bursary Fund brochure
313 Welcome Program brochure
314 Be a Bridge Through Generations postcard
315 Be a Bridge Through Generations poster
316 Many Cultures in Faith postcard
317 Many Cultures in Faith poster
318 Embracing Diversity graphic
319 One Heart, One Vision graphic
320 Sharing the Core Values postcard
321 Sharing the Core Values poster
322 Connecting all Generations postcard
323 Connecting all Generations poster
324 The Gratitude Project postcard
325 What We Do bookmarks
326 What We Do poster
327 What We Do postcard
328a Retreat Centres for Spiritual Development (bulletin) 
328b Retreat Centres for Spiritual Development (brochure)