Resolutions Communique #2

November 28, 2016


Lord! Advent is one of my favourite liturgical seasons as it anticipates the celebration of the birth of Christ.

National office staff has been busy preparing for the annual visit to Ottawa regarding 2016 resolutions. This year’s delegation includes National President Margaret Ann Jacobs National President-Elect Anne Gorman, National Chairperson of Legislation Nancy Simms and myself as National Chairperson of Resolutions. Meetings will take place over three days, namely, November 28, 29 and 30, 2016. The delegation is also participating in the Parliamentary Question Period on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Meetings with federal government representatives are no doubt integral to the resolutions process. On the other hand, letter writing is also an important component of this process. If councils in your province have not done so already, members should be encouraged to write letters in support of the 2016 resolutions. Resolutions cannot stand alone. Without the support of members through written form and without their voice, the resolutions process is diminished in motivating policymakers. Support of policymakers is required in order to bring the issues to the forefront of legislators. The issues within each resolution are the expressed concerns of what members are passionate about! The consequence of not writing a letter is silence and inaction. Encourage all members to take an active role in assuring that parliamentarians are aware of the League resolutions. Be a voice for others. By elevating the process through letter-writing, awareness is brought of these issues and aids in bringing about legislative changes, healthier eating guides, warning labels and immigration. A broad range of issues – I know that with members’ help it can be done.

The annual reporting deadline of December 15th is fast approaching. I am very anxious to hear from all councils even those who do not have a chairperson, of the work accomplished by this committee. I know there is enormous advocacy work happening across the country. Let your light shine so that others may see! In my own council, there was some apprehension to the online method but with a little help from others, the process was completed and members were thrilled at the organized well-documented report that was printed off for consideration in the coming year. It will now serve as a tool to identifying gaps and setting some common goals for 2017.

I ask your prayers this week for safe travels, successful meetings and for all members nationwide who continue to encourage change and bring awareness to the issues which matter most in our faith and life journeys. Our efforts should be focused as One Heart, One Voice, One Mission: Palliative and Hospice Care.

Joan Bona
National Chairperson of Resolutions