Resolution 1972.24 Alternate Forms of Punishment

October 26, 2013

Whereas many persons in prisons have served previous sentences and

Whereas constant contact with repeaters in prison tends to draw the first offender into the criminal sub-culture and

Whereas society not only pays a high cost of maintaining persons in prison but also often has to support their families and

Whereas the sentencing to imprisonment seemingly defeats the purpose of the law through deterioration of the offender and in the taxpayer dollar, and

Whereas there exists in present criminal court procedures alternate methods of dealing with convicted persons?that is, probation and restitution to the offended party, therefore, be it

Resolved that we recommend to the federal minister of justice that the Criminal Court procedures be reviewed for the purpose of utilizing more fully those alternate forms of punishment already in existence for crimes of lesser seriousness, and instruct the courts to make better use of those alternatives, and, be it further

Resolved that the law be made to include that retribution or compensation be made by the offending party