Open letter from Cardinal Lacroix: “Assistance in Dying”: No Deadline for Dignity

June 06, 2016


Dear Members of the Catholic Movements and Associations of Canada,

In an open letter published in the media on May 30, 2016, His Eminence Gérald Cyprien Cardinal Lacroix, Archbishop of Québec and Primate of Canada, appeals to all people in recalling the position of the Catholic Church on euthanasia and assisted suicide. In his letter, entitled “‘Assistance in Dying’: No Deadline for Dignity”, he issues a general challenge: “You surely know someone who recognizes that he or she meets the criteria in Quebec and (soon also) in Canada for ‘medical assistance in dying’. Be open with that person and listen to his or her suffering and fear. Tell them you recognize their great worth and that they can always count on your presence. Remind him or her of your unconditional love.”  The Cardinal’s letter and accompanying video message can be viewed at the following links:



Secondly, Father Thomas Rosica, CSB., CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, released a YouTube video May, 2016 entitled: “Reflection on Euthanasia – There can be no true peace unless life is defended and promoted”. This video can be viewed at the following link:


Thirdly,  Salt and Light Television has produced a series of interviews entitled, “End of Life Issues” which has focused on the following issues:

1)      Ending the Pain

2)      What Does the Church Say?

3)      Human Life Matters

4)      The law

All four segments can be viewed at the following website: