Online Survey Results, Membership and Order Delays

January 31, 2018

National Office News

Many of you have called the office lately wondering why online membership and stores isn’t working. You will have already heard that a new system was to launch on January 1st that would provide a more robust and user-friendly interface both for members and for staff, but you will have been informed by Ingrid that it isn’t ready quite yet.

There have been unanticipated difficulties. The fully integrated survey system was and continues to be a challenge for the service provider. It will not be able to provide the level of detail and accuracy that the former survey service was able to provide within this year’s deadlines. National office staff has devoted their energies to compiling the reports as best as possible and to removing any data that is corrupt or uninterpretable. Deadlines for reporting at diocesan and provincial level have been changed to reflect the difficulties being encountered.

The surveys have consumed much of the service provider’s time and the data mapping from the former system to the new one was fraught with difficulties. These two factors, as well as gaining an understanding of the League’s unique operating systems and reporting lines has caused the association software launch to also be delayed.

We are working with the view to having the “back office” functioning working properly for orders and membership. Then we will turn our attention to our online services. Please be assured that even though we cannot offer online services at this time, Valroy is always happy to take your orders over the telephone, and Amanda would be pleased to assist all councils with their membership processing sent by mail.

I want you to know that the service provider and national office are identifying and correcting issues as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience in this time of transition and I will update with our progress on February 28th.