Legislation Communique #8

June 20, 2018

National Chairperson of Legislation Nancy Simms, June 20, 2018


Sub-committee chairperson Ann Devlin diligently researched the following information for me to share.

Defeated Bill

Bill S-230 Drug-Impaired Driving Detection Act was defeated in second reading in the House of Commons. This bill would have supported both resolutions 2005.07 Illegal Manufacture and Trafficking of Crystal Methamphetamine and 2004.12 Marijuana Possession/Use – A Criminal Offence. Continue to encourage members to contact the prime minister, attorney general and federal ministers of health and justice on these issues.

Status Change Updates to Bills in the House of Commons

Bill C-211 Federal Framework on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Act has been referred to the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence following second reading in the Senate.

Bill C-243 National Maternity Assistance Program Strategy Act is in second reading in the Senate.

Bill C-277 Framework on Palliative Care in Canada Act has passed and received royal assent. Continue to monitor the development of palliative care in Canada and offer assistance where applicable.


On June 1st, I e-mailed a memo regarding Bill C-404 An Act to amend the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. It has gone through first reading in the House of Commons and needs the immediate attention of members. Please encourage members to urge members of parliament (MPs) to vote against this bill that would commodify human life. This bill not only speaks against the many pro-life resolutions and Resolution 2011.01 Prohibition of Practices re Human Reproductive Material, but even more so it is against Resolution 2000.02 The Prohibition of the Sale of Human Embryonic or Foetal Tissue, or Reproductive Services.

Status Change Updates to Bills in the Senate

Bill S-5 An Act to amend the Tobacco Act and the Non-smokers’ Health Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts received royal assent. Contact MPs and the federal minister of health to ensure the manufacture, sale, labelling and promotion of vaping products are being regulated.

Bill S-228 Child Health Protection Act is in second reading in the House of Commons. It has been reviewed by the Standing Committee on Health and was returned to the House of Commons with amendments.

Bill S-240 An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (trafficking in human organs) has been reviewed by the Senate Committee on Human Rights and was returned to Senate with amendments.

Contact with government needs to continue for each of the bills listed above. Encourage members and councils to write letters to the prime minister, MPs and appropriate ministers on these issues.

This is my final communique as national chairperson of legislation. It is my prayer that I have helped the provincial counterparts in their journey and that we have all grown in a greater understanding and appreciation for the power of our voice in the League through legislation.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to the dedicated work of sub-committee chairpersons Ann Devlin and Dorothy Johansen.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to guide our efforts “For God and Canada”.

Nancy Simms
National Chairperson of Legislation