June message from National President, Margaret Ann Jacobs

June 01, 2017

Each month brings fresh energy and perspectives – always with something to ponder and reflect upon and also much to look toward in thoughtful anticipation.

My travels in May took me – from Stratford to North Bay to Huntsville to Watrous to Toronto to Geraldton to St. Catharines to Arnprior. Eight conventions attended with six more coming up soon. I’ve been privileged in so many ways to be embraced and welcomed, educated and entertained, inspired and challenged. How blessed are we to belong to The Catholic Women’s League of Canada! I treasure the time spent with you and marvel at the depth of your commitment and dedication to the League in spite of the many obstacles that you face.

The scope of our strategic planning endeavor has broadened with further training, reading and focus. Special roles have been assigned to our committee and final editing is taking place that will provide our League members with practical step by step instructions to access the live feed to the town hall discussion at the national convention. We want to ensure that all voices in the League are heard as we formulate a process to address current concerns about membership, leadership, and viability moving into the future. Dare to dream of a future for the League that will be timely, responsive, representative and accountable. We need your voice to be heard. So start to plan now to take an active role in this process.

It was a delight for me to attend the Presbyterian Women’s Gathering May 19-22 in Toronto. Displays, interactive booths, liturgies, workshops and presentations filled the days with plenty of time for interaction and sharing. Special focus on indigenous issues was transformative for the approximately 500 attendees including 22 international and ecumenical guests from around the world.

The presentation by Gerrard Cardinal Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, entitled, “Protecting the Least Among Us: The Enduring Universal Wisdom of the Church on Euthanasia” at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, Toronto was informative and timely. Please continue to monitor activity pertaining to Rights of Conscience as we move into the future.

This month I look forward to recognizing many special days – June 4 Pentecost Sunday, June 11 Holy Trinity Sunday, June 18 Corpus Christi Sunday (and Father’s Day), June 21 National Aboriginal Day, June 23 Sacred Heart of Jesus and June 24 St. John the Baptist/Immaculate Heart of Mary. If possible, make a special effort to recognize the meaning behind their designation.

To each of you who were so generous with your words of condolence, at the time of my mother-in-law, Muriel’s passing, thank you! Michael, indeed his whole family, was overwhelmed at the outpouring of prayer and heartfelt messages of care and compassion. Certainly we will miss her but she lived a life fully engaged with her family, friends, church and community. She never hesitated to accept a challenge to learn new things and share her knowledge generously. Should we all be so fortunate!

God bless,

Margaret Ann