President Communique #1 — Margaret Ann Jacobs

September 09, 2016



National President

 September 8, 2016                                                                             Communiqué #01

 One Heart, One Voice, One Mission: Palliative and Hospice Care

TO:                 Presidents of Provincial Organizations

CC:                 National Executive for Information

FROM:           Margaret Ann Jacobs, National President

How blessed am I to have such an amazing group of presidents with whom to work! I know you are dedicated to furthering the Objects of the League in your respective provincial councils. The programming and development you provided as chairpersons of organization has proven that.

It was very rewarding to recognize so many first time attendees at conventions this year. I hope the enthusiasm and inspiration that they experienced will translate into renewal and revitalization at provincial level and will trickle down.

I know you will have or be in the process of planning your provincial focus. Set your priorities carefully, listening to the voices of your diocesan and parish counterparts. We need to provide the type of challenge and resources needed to be successful.

It is expected that all communiqués or directives forwarded by executives are copied to the president. So do remind/insist that your provincial executive copy you on all correspondence they are circulating.

For those councils requesting national representation at their conventions, you would be wise to forward your request in writing sooner rather than later. It is my responsibility (and great joy!) to visit every provincial at least once in my term and diocesan conventions as time permits. Scheduling is often a challenge because so many conventions take place within a short timeframe.

There will be a theme workshop at the fall executive meeting where we will establish the type of activities/programs/initiatives that you wish to pursue this year/term. Please give some consideration to the direction you would like to follow.

I know that several provincial councils are anxious to access the theme logo, outline and video in order to make plans for your own year ahead. Be assured you will have access to it subsequent to our meeting. Remember there are many most worthwhile projects to be completed and indeed will be ongoing such as the “12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care” on May 4, 2017.

So continue to work with One Heart, One Voice, One Mission: Palliative and Hospice Care with your provincial executives. We are indeed women of compassion and mercy. Be as Fr. Mallon challenged us at convention…be mission to the church…through engagement with the people who are part of the culture. Engage one person, help that person meet Christ and find fulfilment and the rest will follow. We will all need to take to heart his challenge to review what we do and how we do it.

God bless you as you journey forward,

Margaret Ann