Our Staff


Executive Director: Kim Scammell  executivedirector@cwl.ca (national executive, magazine, policy)
Senior Accounting Clerk: Valroy Anderson accounting@cwl.ca (orders, per capita fees, payables)
Executive Secretary: Amanda McCormick communications@cwl.ca (conventions, recording and corresponding secretary, resolutions, bursaries, social media, life membership and meetings)
Membership Coordinator: Belinda Limqueko-Mag-uyon  membership@cwl.ca (membership renewals, member records and member years of service)
Casual Office Assistant: Deborah Woodbeck  officeassistant@cwl.ca (insurance, deceased members, parish council records, archives)
Project Coordinator: Kerri Sylvester projects@cwl.ca (assists the implementation committee)

All other inquiries should be sent to info@cwl.ca for forwarding to the appropriate respondent.

Kim Scammell, Executive Director – Kim Scammell was born and raised in Winnipeg and obtained her bachelor of science in genetics in 1988, and her chartered accounting designation in 1992. Gaining knowledge of many different industries as an articling student, Kim felt called to serve in the not-for-profit sector, as she found the staff, members and volunteers in non-profits truly seek to create a more just and enriching society. The League is no exception.

Holding the position of executive director since 1999, she appreciates serving a dynamic board of dedicated and faith-filled Catholic women, many of whom have been role models for her in her own journey of self-discovery.

Kim is thoroughly grateful for the joy her children and grandchildren have brought, and continue to bring, to her life.

Currently, a parishioner of Mary, Mother of the Church, Kim was baptized into the Catholic faith at the age of 28 at St. Ignatius Church in Winnipeg. She has served as a volunteer at St. Amant (service to those with developmental challenges), Independent Living Resource Centre (service to those with physical challenges), On the Move daycare (member at large), Aerials Gymnastics Club (treasurer and president), St. Ignatius School Board (treasurer), St. Ignatius and Mary, Mother of the Church finance committees, World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations Canadian Endowment Fund (treasurer), and founding member of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation.

Kim enjoys reading, embroidery, music of all genres, running, yoga, and especially travel in her spare time. She is an avid rugby, track and field, and CFL football fan. Currently learning Swahili, she is passionate about the education and opportunities for young women in Tanzania.

Valroy Anderson, Senior Accounting Clerk- Valroy Anderson was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. He is married with one son named Sean. Valroy’s personal attributes include ambition, thoughtfulness and generosity. He excels at maintaining a pleasant and calm manner, even during high pressure or tense circumstances.

Valroy’s motto is to always strive for what you believe in, what you desire, and what you are most passionate about. His words of advice are to always remember to trust in God, that nothing comes easy, and that with God everything is possible.

Valroy has always had big dreams. As a child, one of his biggest goals was to successfully travel to the moon when he grew up. He believes his biggest weakness is that he is confident in everything he does and feels his indolence sometimes tries to get the best of him. He is a very optimistic person and believes the sun will always shine tomorrow, and that God is always in control.

During his spare time, Valroy loves to play and watch sports, particularly soccer, cricket, hockey and football. He loves music and can often be heard singing soulful ballads.

Amanda McCormick, Executive Secretary- Amanda McCormick is a lifelong Winnipegger who has been with the League since 2011. Joining the national office team originally as the seasonal data entry clerk/casual office assistant, she has served the League in a variety of roles, becoming the membership coordinator in 2013, adding the responsibilities of convention coordinator in 2018, and moving on to the role of executive secretary in May 2019.

Amanda has an educational background in medical laboratory science and has taken courses related to the non-profit sector with the Canadian Society of Association Executives in collaboration with Seneca College. She believes in pursuing excellence, and self-teaching/discovery and is determined to conquer any task thrown at her. She is, however, terrible at camping, cannot handle seeing spiders, and frequently finds herself lost, having to call co-workers to give her directions back to the office.

Resolutions, listening to members’ stories of their love for the League, viewing historical documents, and convention-related tasks are some of Amanda’s favourite aspects of working at the national office.

Amanda’s greatest joy is being a mom to her daughter Brianna, an author, public speaker and activist for Indigenous women and girls and Canadian youth. During her spare time, Amanda can be found reading and spending time with family. A former athlete, Amanda is a national high-performance judge/official in the sport of gymnastics and travels to some of the top competitions across Canada.

Blessed to work with caring, humble coworkers, Amanda appreciates the opportunity to contribute as a member of the team at the national office.

Kerri Sylvester, Project Coordinator- Kerri Sylvester moved to Winnipeg in 2010 with her two children, Kaitlyn and Ty, giving up small-town living for the big city life. Coming from a close-knit family, she looks forward to continuing family traditions with her children and future generations. Family is very important to her.

Kerri spent eight years working at Assiniboine Park Conservancy as an assistant manager, memberships, where she learned about administration, customer service and management. Previously, she gave her time working with children and at-risk youth in a high school setting, as well as a library technician, which enabled her to pass on her love of reading and books to students of all ages.

She loves the outdoors all year long, walking, reading, knitting, travelling and spending time with family. She is passionate about the environment and making a difference to preserve the future. Kerri believes love is kindness and understanding. She is a great listener and always ready to jump in and help anyone in need.

Kerri feels privileged and truly blessed to be a part of the League and looks forward to contributing to its success.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

Deborah Woodbeck, Casual Office Assistant- Deborah Woodbeck moved to Winnipeg in 2001 from Chatham, Ontario, where she was a member of St. Agnes Parish. Coming from the small community of 48,000 people to Winnipeg was an exciting time for her as she learned to drive on ice-packed streets, got used to the winter months and extreme temperatures, and the mosquitoes during the summer. The positive attitudes and wonderful neighbours and friends made her move all worthwhile.

Deborah is delighted to join the League staff in her position as an office clerk and looks forward to working as a member of a successful team. Previously employed as manager of the membership service at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Deborah has a strong background in membership and customer service.

A member of Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, Deborah serves as a Eucharistic minister and as a member of the parish council. She taught catechism to kindergarten and Grade 1 students for many years and believes staying involved with the church is important. Along with a co-chairperson, she is in charge of a small group ministry devoted to growing in faith by developing a better understanding of Sunday Gospels.

Deborah is married and has a blended family with three children and 11 grandchildren. Along with her husband, she has been involved in the Manitoba Paddling Association for many years and competed in events in Canada, the United States and Europe as a member of Team Canada. She is an avid reader and currently belongs to a women’s book club. Her other interests include photography and travel.

Deborah looks forward to getting to know members in her new role. She strives to do her best to answer questions and resolve concerns and asks for patience when reaching out to her as she begins this new experience.

Belinda Limqueko-Mag-uyon, Membership Coordinator- Belinda Limqueko-Mag-uyon is a newcomer who came to Canada at the height of winter during the COVID-19 pandemic. She had to immigrate before her visa expired to not lose her chance of becoming a permanent resident. Together with her husband and youngest daughter, Belinda was sponsored by her oldest daughter, a Canadian citizen and nurse in Winnipeg.

For Belinda, immigrating to Canada was a leap of faith as she had a good and stable job in her home country and served God in a charismatic Catholic community. Her decision to come to Canada was not made lightly. She would be leaving her comfort zone, be in an entirely new environment, have to look for a new job, find her way around and familiarize herself with a new culture. The most challenging and emotional aspect of immigrating would be leaving behind her two sons. Despite all odds, she believed that everything has a purpose, and God would not allow everything to happen if it was not according to His will.

Belinda’s journey to Canada was not easy, given the situation surrounding the pandemic. Her original flight was delayed a week because of a new requirement required for her youngest daughter. After being denied boarding, Belinda’s flight was rescheduled. When finally permitted to board, she felt an initial feeling of relief. She had an overnight stay in Hong Kong before boarding a flight to Vancouver the following day. Upon arriving in Vancouver, a long line-up at immigration resulted in a missed connection to Winnipeg. After receiving a Confirmation of Permanent Residence, Belinda felt relieved and joyful. The struggle was finally over and ended. Unfortunately, the next flight available to Winnipeg was the following day and was fully booked. Belinda can still feel the hand of the Lord working as the airline attendant managed to secure Belinda’s family on a flight to Toronto, then a connecting flight to Winnipeg. Though it was a long trip, Belinda saw it as a blessing as it saved her family from being stuck at Vancouver’s airport. After spending four days at different airports, she and her family finally arrived in Winnipeg.

She joined Manitoba Start as suggested by a friend to become familiar with how things are done in her new community. With the pandemic and its imposed restrictions, Belinda had heard stories about businesses closing, people losing their jobs and very few opportunities. However, she held on to God’s promise which states that “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided” (Genesis 22:14). Belinda kept faith that God had long prepared the opportunities, the break and the right people—all she must do was wait for the perfect time He had set. Belinda’s youngest daughter told her the right job would present itself once the school term was finished. True enough, one week following the end of her daughter’s school term, Belinda came across a job posting for the League. She applied and was taken in by the team. God is truly faithful to His promises. Belinda is incredibly grateful, as aside from being able to work, she feels she can continue her service to the Lord.