Fall 2015 Parish Council Mailing Memo

November 24, 2015

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The Four Seasons of a Resolution

I love the four seasons we are fortunate enough to enjoy in Canada. Each season has things of beauty to behold. My first teaching job was in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It is a beautiful desert country and the weather was always the same—hot, sunny and dry. If I was lucky enough to see a cloud in the sky it was an event. I remember when I received a package of photographs showing the fall leaves at home, I was struck with the fact that for the first time in my life the leaves had changed colours without me! (I have to mention it was February when I received these photographs.) Since then, I have tried to appreciate each season for its uniqueness and beauty.

The spring of a resolution: Spring brings forth the first life from a previously frozen land. We see growth bursting from the ground, quickly and confidently. This season shows us the first hints of what is to come. We are all called as Catholic women to step forward and become the action that is needed in the world. A resolution can be that action.

The spring of a resolution can simply be an idea or a thought—some action that needs to take place. Take those thoughts and ideas; share them with friends or parish council members. Take the time to learn about the issue or action required. It does not matter if we are chairpersons of resolutions or not, or if our councils even have a chairperson of resolutions. Become involved, and imagine the possibilities of what could happen with some care and attention.

The summer of a resolution: Summer is the time when things are most beautiful, and blooms are plentiful and vibrant. This season shows us the fullness of creation and is a time for complete growth. It is a season of cultivation and work, but also a time when we can sit back and enjoy the sights around us. We are all called as Catholic women to show our hearts to the world. A resolution can be that heart.

The summer of a resolution is moving from an idea or thought into a formally written resolution. A team is created and research is completed. The resolution is written and presented to a parish council to be voted on. While writing a resolution can be a lot of work, it also has the most to teach us—about the process, about our faith in action and about making our world a better place.

The autumn of a resolution: Autumn is the time of harvest, the time of appreciation of the fullness of life and the time to be thankful for all that has been provided. This season shows us what can be accomplished when many work together as one. We are called as Catholic women to raise our voices for those who cannot raise their own voice. A resolution can be that voice.

The autumn of a resolution is the time when we gather as one, in convention, to present, discuss and vote on a resolution. While a lot of the work of a resolution has been completed by this time, there is still work to be done by many people. Resolutions are given as gifts to provincial councils, and possibly national council, to consider, edit and present to the members assembled at convention. The work doesn’t stop after resolutions are adopted at conventions. Members are called to action and executives are called to share these resolutions with governments. There is still much work that happens.

The winter of a resolution: Winter is a time when the earth rests from the bounty that has been produced and quietly prepares itself for the coming of another season. Winter allows us time to reflect on what has been accomplished in the past year and to prepare for something new. We are called as Catholic women to move with one mission—to serve others in society. A resolution can be that mission.

The winter of a resolution can be a short season. Reading and thinking, resting and praying are all ways we can spend our time. We can learn about what has been brought forth from other provincial councils, look at the resolutions process and see ways for improvement that will allow us to bring forth even stronger resolutions.

In closing

As I am halfway through my two years as national chairperson of resolutions, I have the opportunity to look both forward and backward. I am finding myself looking back with appreciation and thanksgiving at the things accomplished by members across Canada in the past year. I am also looking forward with anticipation to the year that is to come, the things we will all learn, the people we will meet and the resolutions that will come forward.

I challenge us to choose topics, learn about them and make them ours. It might be a resolution that has already been adopted, or it might be a resolution that is waiting to be written. Do not be shy! Take the first step and become more involved. Walk through the these next four seasons, enjoying the beauty of each and learning about resolutions as we go.

Jacqueline Nogier
National Chairperson of Resolutions