Fall 2015 Parish Council Mailing Memo

November 24, 2015

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It is a busy time of year, and I am certain councils have already geared up with their fall plans. I offer the following summaries of the plans tied to communications.

The federal election is over and members of parliament (MPs) have their ministerial positions assigned. This means the Pornography Hurts campaign postcards can be sent to the prime minister, appropriate MPs and members of the legislative assembly. The cards have been changed for this campaign and are available on the national website, along with a PowerPoint presentation for training purposes. For both resources visit www.cwl.ca and follow the links through “Communiques / Communications / Communications Communique #4“. Your provincial and diocesan chairpersons of communications have more details.

 By now you have heard about, and perhaps have even seen, the end product of the testimonial tapings of members across Canada that took place in the spring and summer of 2015. Feel free to download this video and use it as often as you like.

 As part of the United Nations Year of the Family, Be League will be featuring unique family activities, League or personal, in each edition to the end of the year. Send in your special photographs, with permission from those in the photographs, and a brief description of 50 words or less by the last day of each month.

 Saturday, November 21st has been designated A Day in the Life of a CWL Member. This is a very appropriate day as the church celebrates the Presentation of Mary. Take a photograph of whatever you are doing that day and post it to the national Facebook page with the hashtag #dayinthelife. Many will be able to enjoy the varied activities of members from coast to coast to coast! Think of all the women in this project that will be made aware of the League and potentially take the opportunity to become a member.

 A highlight from the past months is the League’s work with Salt + Light Television (S+L). S+L was present at the 95th annual national convention and has created a Catholic Focus episode that will air later this year. I will advise provincial chairpersons of communications of the actual dates, and they will pass on the information. Those who subscribe to the S+L channel can watch the episode when it airs; for those who don’t subscribe, it will also be available online. Please ensure members are aware of this League first! If you missed the convention, check out the following link for four blogs created by S+L at saltandlighttv.org/blog/author/alicia-ambrosio/page/2. Also, please visit the League’s national website and follow the links “Conventions / Past Conventions / Vancouver, 2015” for podcasts of the convention speakers. Take advantage of these resources to use at workshops or meetings.

Note: S+L is offering a free network preview until November 30th. Visit saltandlighttv.org/subscribe for more information.

In the true sense of communicating—if you have a question, ask it; if you have an idea, share it. In this way, we continue to be innovative and engage others in the growth of the League.

Fran Lucas
National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications