Communique #9 – Resolutions and Legislation

April 23, 2020

National Chairperson of Resolutions Cathy Bouchard and National Chairperson of Legislation Betty Colaneri, April 23, 2020.


Staying Connected through COVID-19

The national executive/board feels that staying connected with members, as best as possible during this unprecedented time, is very important. Chairpersons want to be proactive and encourage members to continue activities while following social distancing. This communique focusses on letter writing for the resolutions adopted at the 99th annual national convention.

  •  2019.01 Canada to Honour its Commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  •  2019.02 Canadian Support for the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Enclosed is a quick review of what is known about the issues in these resolutions, what members can do and what the church has said about the subject. Following that, specific suggestions are offered for letter writing—who to write to, their addresses and a sample letter. During the time that the House of Commons is not sitting, send letters by both e-mail and Canada Post.

If rewording the message, members should make it clear they are writing as a constituent and as a member of The Catholic Women’s League of their parish council, not as a representative of the League, unless they are the president of the council.

From the annual reports, it is clear the work of the League in advocacy is, in fact, a way to encourage new members. With that in mind, please ask chairpersons in your province to share this communique with their parish, women and men, young and not so young, asking them to participate in this writing campaign. If a parish has its own website, perhaps this information may be posted there to encourage members and parishioners to write letters.

May God bless you all as you keep healthy and safe.

For God and Canada,

Cathy Bouchard, National Chairperson of Resolutions
Betty Colaneri, National Chairperson of Legislation