Communique #9 – Organization

February 14, 2020

National Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, February 14, 2020.


This communique follows soon after my latest one, as I felt an urgency to share information with you. In turn, you are asked to share with your diocesan counterpart quickly for forwarding on to the parish councils.

You may recall at the national convention in August 2019 hearing from members that some mailings from national office had not been received. The League is working hard to correct this by ensuring national office has current contact information. You are one of the conduits for this result. In a few weeks, the spring parish mailing will be distributed by e-mail where e-mails are available, so accurate contact information is imperative. Below is a copy of a section direct from National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans’ latest communique. I ask that you emphasize to your diocesan counterpart the importance of following the instructions in Doreen’s message.

Council Registers: How does a council notify national office of a change to its executive listing? National office requires a complete list of names for all provincial and diocesan executive members and their contact information and, for parish councils, a list of the president, treasurer, spiritual advisor and membership convenor, including their contact information. This may be done through e-mail to, regular mail or, for parish councils, through the online membership process.

In an election year, the president or secretary must send notification advising national office of the newly elected or appointed executive along with contact information. Throughout the year, if there is a change of contact information or position, including the spiritual advisor, notify national office as soon as possible.

Encourage your counterparts at each level to follow these steps to help improve communications!

Mailings: An issue has come to light where some councils report not receiving council mailings along with other information sent from national office. The last mailing was sent via e-mail to parish council presidents on September 28, 2019. Encourage your diocesan counterpart to check if parish councils in their area received the fall mailing. The steps below indicate how the mailing should be dispersed to ensure a better flow of communication:

  1. If a past president receives the e-mail or package containing the parish council information, she passes it on to the current parish council president as soon as possible and asks her to advise national office of the change in position.
  2. Once the parish council president receives the information, it is her responsibility to separate the information and pass it on to the respective officers and chairpersons.
  3. The officers or chairpersons, in turn, share the information in a short report with members at the next parish council meeting, or as soon as possible.
  4. Date sensitive information is required to be shared in a timely manner as necessary.

Thank you for assisting with this important communication piece.

I look forward to receiving your annual reports. If you have yours ready before the March 15th deadline, please feel free to send it to me.