Communique #9 – Community Life

November 13, 2019

National Chairperson of Community Life Marie Rackley, November 13, 2019


At the 99th annual national convention of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, held in Calgary, Alberta, August 18-21, 2019, a motion was made for the League to establish an annual day of prayer for Christians in the Holy Land.

I am pleased to announce the Feast of the Holy Family, celebrated yearly on the last Sunday in December, has been chosen as the League’s Day of Prayer for Christians in the Holy Land Encourage members to join the League’s faith community of more than 77,500 members from east to west in prayer. This year, the Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated on Sunday, December 29th.

We pray God will protect the families and give them peace during this Christmas season. We ask Him to show them guidance and lead them to a rewarding life. May Jesus protect the families of the Holy Land and remain with them forever.