Communique #8 – Organization

February 04, 2020

National Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, February 4, 2020.


After reading an article in the December 15, 2019 issue of The Catholic Register about the film, The Two Popes, by Anthony McCarten, I wanted to see it. On Christmas Day, I enjoyed both the serious side and the many light-hearted moments of McCarten’s fictional dialogue between the church’s two living popes. Viewers hear a sacramental confession of Pope Benedict and the…no, I will not spoil the film. Watch the movie for the rest! The Two Popes is available on Netflix, in book form (The Two Popes: Francis, Benedict, and the Decision That Shook the World) and as a stage play (The Pope). Take some time, perhaps with other members, to see the film and enjoy the wonderful scenes, such as the two popes on a walk in the garden of the papal palace at Castel Gandolfo.

Not new to you, there are challenges within councils to fill standing committee positions. In the spring parish council mailing, look for a fantastic example of a tried and successful makeshift solution to fill the position of chairperson of spiritual development by a council in British Columbia.

The implementation committee for the strategic plan continues this important work through the various working groups leggi l’articolo. Watch the national website,, for the latest updates. Please encourage members to become involved in the next round of working groups by responding to the call out for volunteers found in the spring issue of The Canadian League magazine, and on Facebook and the national website. This is a great learning opportunity and a fulfilling small-group experience.

A greater awareness of the League is required by women across the country. A simple way to let others know the League exists is the use of the League crest. For example, various organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, use its crest in obituaries. Encourage members to make arrangements in advance, or advise family of their wish to have the League crest used when their time comes. In checking with a local funeral home, the cost to add the crest is between $20.00 and $40.00. It is an inexpensive way for others to readily identify a member, which could encourage attendance at a League sister’s final farewell.

Thank you for collecting the number of parish/diocesan strategic plan presentations and member attendance every month. Encourage diocesan councils to have the information to you by the end of each month for quick reporting. Watch the map on the national website grow with each month’s addition of information. I look forward to seeing the numbers at the end of February.

As we move into the Lenten season, Catholics tend to think about what to give up. A recent article I read spoke to “picking up” something rather than “giving up” something. I encourage you to “pick up” a new activity tied to growing in faith. Replace 30 minutes of television time by “picking up” 30 extra minutes of devotion/prayer time or Eucharistic adoration. Whatever you choose to do, demonstrate leadership skills by inviting one or more to join you.

May our patroness Our Lady of Good Counsel guide and be with us through your service to our sisters in the League.