Communique #8 – Communications

September 06, 2022

National First Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications Betty Colaneri, September 1, 2022.


Oral Report to 102nd Annual National Convention National by Betty Colaneri

“Communicating means sharing and sharing demands listening and acceptance” (Pope Francis)

My dear sisters in the League, How thrilling it was to be able to attend the annual national convention in Kelowna, British Columbia! Members gathered with excitement after finally being able to see each other and share their stories for the first time in three years! There was a great deal of joy in the room as members joined in prayer and business sessions as well as took the time to enjoy activities together. The various sessions and activities have been posted on the League’s national website and social media channels. Highlights of the convention as well as the oral reports will be featured in the fall edition of The Canadian League magazine. The issue will be in hard copy format and mailed to members.

At the convention, the proposed amendments to modify executive structures and standing committees were adopted. To assist with the move toward this new structure, communication protocol will be changed during this transition period. Effective immediately and until July 2024 the interlevel communications should be directed from one level to the next through the president and the secretary. The president and the secretary will make the decision about how best to forward the communication. This method will apply to both top-down and bottom-up communications. A document has been prepared and attached to this communique called Communicating During Transition Quick Guide to assist in explaining the process. Kindly circulate the document to councils at other levels.

Changes are being made to the national website to make it a more user friendly, simplified, modernized and optimized site. There are many resources available from the implementation committee working groups and it is essential that members can access all these wonderful tools. Continue to send in photographs and information of activities from your councils to be featured in “Spotlight” and on social media. Members enjoy seeing all the amazing works being done in councils across Canada.

Let’s all keep the lines of communication open and stay connected!

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Colaneri

National 1st Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications