Communique #7 – Christian Family Life

February 07, 2020

National Chairperson of Christian Family Life Pat Deppiesse, February 7, 2020.


Dear sisters in the League,

Canadian Online Consultation Regarding Medical Assistance in Dying
On January 13th, I suggested being cautious with participating in the online consultation regarding Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). My experience with these types of surveys is data collectors assume participating means agreeing with MAiD, but wanting to see changes to either open it up entirely or carried on with strong guidelines. On January 28th, I received an e-mail from Executive Director Alex Schadenberg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition stating, “Canadian MAiD (euthanasia) online consultation questionnaire was a sham and the data is unreliable.”

I can only reiterate that the best way of letting both the federal and provincial governments know what you think is to approach members of parliament and provincial legislatures at local constituency offices, or by writing a letter to them. The League has a Personal Letter Writing Guide available at for use. I ask that you encourage your counterparts to download this free guide and use it in their parish council and urge members to write letters. Perhaps they may take a portion of a meeting to do so. It is always good to have a few key points for members to use in the letters and to have pre-addressed envelopes ready. Do not forget, letters to members of parliament are postage-free and are still the best way to communicate.

2020 National Week for Life and the Family
The National Week for Life and the Family will be held across Canada May 10-17, commencing with Mother’s Day. This year’s theme is Children: the Crowning Glory of Marriage. Resources, prepared by the Catholic Organization for Life and Family in collaboration with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, are available at

National March for Life – Ottawa May 14, 2020
“We march to encourage our pro-life lawmakers, to embolden them, and to show them that we will support them. We march to send a strong message to MPs seeking re-election and new candidates, that our vote matters, and on election day, we will not vote for them if they support abortion or are unwilling to change the status quo of abortion on demand” (

Encourage members to be in front of provincial legislative buildings as a local formal protest. Watch for advertisements about your local March for Life and make plans to join in. Order a bus for several people, take banners and be seen by the media. This may require much League involvement and organization skills, but I believe it would be worth it. The press could be invited to the smaller venues, possibly resulting in more media coverage for the cause.

If you cannot attend a provincial walk, why not have community walks the same day to your local member of parliament or legislative assembly’s office? Alternately, spend the day writing letters to your federal and provincial representatives.

Annulments Today: Merciful and Just
Would you kindly spread the message about members ordering the Annulments Today: Merciful and Just booklet for their church? These booklets are available from national office, or via download at I have received a lot of response from members saying they find the booklet educational and useful to friends and family members affected by divorce and wishing to re-marry. Many report not knowing about annulments previously!

When starting my term in August 2018, I selected some knowledgeable members as sub-committee chairpersons, and at this time, I am pleased to include a submission regarding vocations from Life Member Nancy Simms.

Vocations: Submitted by Nancy Simms, Christian Family Life Sub-Committee Chairperson
What is my Vocation? is a wonderful five-minute video produced by the Diocese of Arlington (Virginia) and can be viewed at Encourage your counterparts to promote it amongst members. As Sister Mary Veronica Keller states in the video, “The best vocation is God’s will.” As God’s beloved daughters, always remember the quote in the video’s description, “No matter what vocation we are called to live as an expression of God’s love in the world, everyone is called to holiness.”