Communique #6 – Spiritual Development

March 10, 2020

National Chairperson of Spiritual Development Shari Guinta, March 10, 2020.


“Let us trust in God’s work! With him we can do great things; he will give us the joy of being his disciples, his witnesses” (The Spirit of Saint Francis: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis, Pope Francis).

In the previous communiqué, I focused on Extraordinary Missionary Month and wrote about Catholic Missions In Canada, and encouraged councils to participate in mission activities and promote awareness. Further to this, at the national executive/board meeting in February 2020, it was decided to declare October 1st as the League’s Day of Prayer for Canadian Home Missions. This information will be included in the spiritual development memo in the spring parish council mailing.

Although early, I hope members become aware of home missions, participate in diocesan efforts for missions in October and have something special on October 1st as the League’s day to pray for missions.
• Pray the Catholic Missions In Canada prayer found at
• Dedicate a mass to missions and those working in mission work
• Have a guest speaker on missions
• Have a special collection, project or fundraiser for missions, in particular, Catholic Missions In Canada

I presented a workshop on protecting minors,— a focus this past year, as board members were encouraged to read the document, Protecting Minors from Sexual Abuse: A Call to the Catholic Faithful in Canada for Healing, Reconciliation, and Transformation, published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Consider having workshops and speakers at convention, and especially make yourself and members aware of the church’s stand and action on the topic. An update was published in November 2019 and may be viewed at I encourage all to read it

Members may be interested in a book by Sr. Nuala Kenny SC, OC, MD, FRCP (C), called Still Unhealed: Treating the Pathology in the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis. The book is available through Novalis at or

Please be aware that May 13, 2020, is WUCWO Day—the 110th anniversary of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations. The prayer service, created by women of Latin America and the Caribbean, may be found at Provincial councils are encouraged to make members aware of this day and incorporate the service in planned activities.