Communique #6 – Secretary-Treasurer

November 30, 2020

National Secretary-Treasurer Janet McLean, November 30, 2020


At the national executive/board’s recent fall teleconference, I presented a motion to increase the national per capita fee from $13.00 to $25.00, beginning in the fiscal year 2022. The instructed vote forms and all relevant documents will be mailed to parish councils in December. Councils are to have an in-person meeting as soon as possible in the New Year to vote on this matter. Please ask your diocesan counterparts to share this information with their parish councils, so they know to watch for these important documents.

The decision to submit this motion was not made lightly but with the utmost concern for the League’s continued financial viability and stability. The last per capita fee increase took place in 2012 and, since that time, inflation and increased costs and a steady decline in membership have taken their toll on League finances.

I realize this motion may not be well-received by some members and could be a financial hardship for some. In this case, I believe those who are able should rally to support members for whom this increase would be difficult to afford. Members have a reputation for being present for those in need, and this may be a time when they will be needed to support their League sisters who may require assistance.

I also reported on appreciation letters received from Catholic Missions In Canada (CMIC), Catholic Near-East Welfare Association and Coady International Institute for the donations sent to them from the National Voluntary Fund. The League had requested that funds sent to CMIC be used to rebuild/replace three churches. However, CMIC advised that its allocation committee had decided only missionary sustenance would be supported this year due to a severe drop in donations. CMIC had asked for direction regarding the $32,403.12 sent by the League. The board felt members would agree these funds should be used for missionary sustenance. A letter to this effect has been sent to CMIC.

The board also agreed the reduction given to life members for their national convention registration fee would be discontinued. Only honorary life members will be entitled to a discount on convention registration fees. For all other attendees, the registration fee will be $100.00 in 2021.

As Christians approach Advent and the joyful Christmas season, please know that you are in my prayers. May Christ and His Mother keep you and those you love safe and well.

Janet McLean
National Secretary-Treasurer