Communique #6 – Organization

November 15, 2019

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, November 15, 2019


Recruit Members and Maintain Membership
In recruiting, women are offered the opportunity to enhance their lives while giving service to the church and community. Membership can be life changing. Promote to all members and councils that membership gift certificates are available to order from national office. An excellent Christmas gift or gift at any time of the year!

Annual Reports
As of November 1st, annual report surveys were available for parish councils to complete. Each chairperson can monitor her parish council’s progress in completing the surveys. It is recommended diocesan chairpersons of organization establish a procedure for follow-up, prior to the deadline, with those councils that may be having difficulty completing the surveys. The paper submission deadline is December 15th with electronic submissions due January 15th. For the time saved alone, submitting electronically is the best way to go. It was uplifting to hear comments at a recent national executive meeting that the method used for the annual report surveys is a “brilliant system!”

Leadership Development
There are many ways to develop leadership skills. The League of the Future—Year 1 was a gift to leaders, enabling them to focus on their own ways of delivering the presentation and building confidence and techniques in their personal delivery style. The number of presentations held and areas covered continue to grow. Have you watched the map on the national website showing the monthly activity? Encourage councils to stay informed by offering to deliver this presentation. To read about the monthly activities of the implementation committee for the strategic plan, visit

Leadership skills can also be enhanced by reading appropriate books. I am currently reading The 20-Minute Retreat by David B. Perrin, recommended by National Chairperson of Spiritual Development Shari Guinta. Meditation Twelve is on “My Call to Leadership.” Perrin provides a wonderful reminder of “the leadership we are being asked to grow into as Christians.” I am appreciative of my League friend who recommended this book.

Life Membership
The fall 2019 issue of The Canadian League introduced 11 new life members. Please engage these new life members and others in your area. Their role is to assist when requested.

It should be noted that honorary life members should always be referred to and acknowledged separately from life members to respect their status and tremendous past service.

League Resources
The biannual review of national manuals and forms is underway by national officers to ensure the data and information is most current. Is it time to do the same in your council?

The League of the Future—Year 1 and Sr. Dorothy Ederer’s presentation from the national convention in August were not able to be uploaded to the website due to a lack of technology at national office and an excessive cost to outsource.

Advent is drawing near. A quieter time of the year for me, Advent is when I tend to spend time on the sofa with a warm blanket at my feet, reading reflections and strengthening my relationship with God. I hope you are all able to find quiet time and spend it as most needed for you

My wishes to you and your family for a blessed Christmas and happy, healthy New Year!