Communique # 6 – Education and Health

September 24, 2019

National Chairperson of Education and Health Faith Anderson, September 24, 2019



The National Bursary Fund brochure has a new look. The new brochure will hopefully draw members’ attention and encourage them to apply. The fund provides members with financial assistance while pursuing studies in various areas as outlined in the brochure. Through the generosity of members and parish council donations, the funds available have allowed for even more assistance to members.

Please review changes (indicated in bold) made to the National Bursary Fund.

History and Purpose

  • “The bursary fund is used to provide financial assistance to members needing it to pursue studies, courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and diploma/degree programs…”
  • “The national bursary committee receives applications and administers the bursary annually. The value of the bursaries awarded depends on the interest generated from the fund and donations received in any given year…”

Criteria and Guidelines

1. In her third consecutive year of membership and any year thereafter, …
3. Courses, etc. may be taken prior to bursary acceptance, …
5. The applicant will provide acknowledgement of completion of the course, seminar, conference, workshop, diploma or degree programs …
6. Applicants receiving an award may reapply for a maximum of three additional one-year periods. The applications do not need to be in consecutive years.


3. Applications must be submitted to national office and postmarked by May 15th. To ensure that no oversight occurs, …
5. The maximum bursary award is $1,000 per year per applicant for a maximum of $4,000 over a member’s lifetime.
6. Fax: (204) 927-2321 and E-mail:

The committee trusts some of these changes will further clarify the required criteria. Important to note is the date the application is due has changed from May 31st to May 15th, as well as changes to the fax number and e-mail address for submitting applications. Please convey this information to your parish council counterparts.