Communique #6 – Communications

September 05, 2019

National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, September 3, 2019


Fr. Dante Alejandro Agüero, an Argentian priest, recently shared his story with Rome Reports, stating “When I received the proposal for a music video, I felt embarrassed. However, after reflecting, I said, ‘This is the time for communication, this is the time in which all the senses also have to be used.’ I believe the challenge of these times is that every sense needs to be used to announce the good news” (Rome Reports, July 19, 2019).

Welcome to a new year within the sisterhood of the League! As Fr. Dante stated, “Now is the time for communication.” This is a call to evangelize and Care for Our Common Home as we are challenged to be the best communicators in the League.

A special welcome to new chairpersons of communications Janet MacPhee, Jacqueline Waye, Margaret Appell, Ann D’Souza and Ruby Sharpe. I extend my deep appreciation and welcome back to Ann Myers, Cindy Robinson, Cathy Favaro and Sylia Jurys for your communicating this past year. Together we form the League’s communications team for 2019-2020. If I can be of assistance, please contact me. As a team, I ask that we share communiques with one another—including myself. It is wonderful to know of the activities taking place across the country, and I believe in sharing gifts and talents. Let us start by communicating with each other.

Annual Reports: It is the time of the year when parish councils “toot their own horn” by telling their story. This year the communications annual report includes a section on strategic planning. Encourage councils to answer questions informing the League of where members are in understanding the ins and outs of the strategic planning process. The report will help guide the implementation committee going forward. Please help them. Councils must print the report before selecting the submit button. Doing so provides councils with a copy of the report which may be used as a guide in planning future events and for actions to be taken.

Strategic Planning: As chairpersons of communication we need to positively and enthusiastically promote changes coming forward through the strategic planning initiative. To do so, we must know and understand the strategic plan. On the national website ( under quick links, is a link to the Implementation of the Strategic Plan. All information shared through national conventions is there for you to share with members. Encourage councils to use the CWL Prayer for Renewal at meetings. Ask members to use the prayer daily, asking Our Lady of Good Counsel to guide those in charge of the plan to ensure its success. At the beginning of each month (approximately), an update will be posted of information the implementation committee would like everyone to have as quickly as possible. The first update was posted in August. Visit the website to see if September’s update is available. The hope is to keep members informed, enthusiastic, wanting more information and willing to implement changes as they become available. Also, if the planning committee needs volunteers, a notice will be posted here as well. I encourage you to avail yourselves of the information and SHARE it. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Pornography: Pornography Hurts postcards are available on the national website under the “100 Series” of “To Organize.” Ask if parish councils participated and if responses were received from members of parliament or of the legislative assembly. If so, how many responses were received? There is no date or month for sending postcards, so for those parish councils that have not yet participated, suggest a postcard campaign for their council. A quick search for “pornography” on the national website will result in information on how to print the postcards, facts on pornography, and resolutions calling for action. When sending postcards suggest councils ask a question to ensure a response will be received and tabulate the number of replies. Encourage councils to include these statistics in the annual report.

Live Streaming: Unable to attend the national convention in Calgary? Two programs were live-streamed: Sr. Dorothy Ederer’s keynote speech, “What is Our Common Home? We Care for Our Homeland, Our Homes, Our Hearts” and National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas’s presentation, “The League of the Future: Year 1.” These will be found on the national website soon. I recommend watching both awesome and humorous presentations—they are worthwhile. Three breakout session presentations are available on the national website, “Living Laudato Si’: Practical Tools on How we Can Care for Our Common Home,” “What the Catholic Church says about Care for Creation and Why it is Fundamentally Catholic that we are ‘Good Stewards’ of the Environment,” and “A Carbon Conversation: Why is it So Hard to Change? How Can We Respond to the Cry of the Poor?”

Let us follow the lead of Fr. Dante. May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us always as we work together to become the BEST communicators we can be.

Your sister in the League,

Doreen Gowans
National Chairperson of Communications