Communique #5 – Resolutions

September 09, 2022

National Chairperson of Resolutions Rolande Chernichan, September 9, 2022.


Oral Report to 102nd Annual National Convention by Rolande Chernichan

I greet you with joy and optimism as we journey the resolutions aspect of the League’s mission. Welcome to new and returning resolutions chairpersons, or presidents in the case of a vacancy in office! My humble request is that you read the information it contains and share it with your membership at your council’s next meeting.

My joy stems from the good news that a most timely resolution titled Enact Federal Legislation to Reduce Food Loss and Waste, gifted by Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council, was adopted at the national convention held in Kelowna, British Columbia. The resolution is available for viewing or download from the League’s website It will also be printed in the fall issue of The Canadian League magazine, along with the oral report I presented at this year’s convention and that I have attached for your information. I am pleased to report planning is underway to meet with members of parliament or designates of the federal government to present this year’s League resolution and other relevant resolutions from previous years.

Many convention attendees participated in the resolutions dialogue, which included a resolutions workshop. Much positive feedback was received about the instruction and PowerPoint that accompanied the workshop. The PowerPoint along with presenter’s notes should be posted to the national website by early October. Provincial and diocesan resolutions chairpersons are encouraged to promote and use the PowerPoint at future resolutions workshops. These valuable resources are self-guided tools that any member can access to learn the resolutions process independently if there is no resolutions chairperson to provide that leadership and guidance. The newly revised Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook as well as the Resolutions Guide will also available online in the coming months to guide members in the development process for resolutions.

In conjunction with the full implementation of the strategic plan by August 2023, there will be a phasing out of the resolutions standing committee. The League will embrace a new chapter in its identity through the standing committees of faith, service and social justice. Does that mean an end to resolutions by members? Dear sisters, you and I bear the responsibility to fan into flame the flickering ember that we fondly know as resolutions. How can that be achieved?

What underlies the passion that some members possess regarding researching and developing resolutions? My assignment to you is to seek out members in your province at every level who are interested in resolutions. Gather their names and contact information and ask them why they like resolutions. What fuels their interest in them? What ideas do they suggest to keep the flame burning about resolutions? Please submit to me the information you gather by October 31st . By bringing our ideas together, we can perhaps pass the torch to future generations of members by our resolve to keep resolutions an active part of the mission and advocacy of the League.

You are urged to issue a communique sharing key points of this message and encouraging diocesan and parish councils to explore the development of new resolutions and to notify you about the topic. I would appreciate it if you would notify me by mid-January 2023 of resolution topics under development in your province. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you seek guidance about resolution research or development.

I encourage provincial chairpersons to promote the suggestion about resolutions offered in my fall parish council memo. As the League transitions and becomes streamlined to three standing committees, it is more than ever important for parish council executives to assume leadership about resolutions, to promote their development and to initiate action and awareness by members on adopted League resolutions. The ministry of resolutions, their development and the advocacy achieved through them, are a means to grow in faith and to witness to being Catholic and Living It!


Rolande Chernichan

National Chairperson of Resolutions