Communique #5 – Organization

September 06, 2022

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Shari Guinta, September 2, 2022.


Life Member Nomination and Approval Procedure 2022

Oral Report to 102nd Annual National Convention by Shari Guinta


“Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” (taken from God’s Little Instruction Book) reflection on Psalm 133:1, 3.

Having attended the annual national convention in beautiful Kelowna this year was a privilege and a wonderful experience.

It was gratifying to report on the progress of the Life Member Criteria Ad Hoc Committee that offered revisions to the criteria for nominating a member for life membership in The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. I am pleased to share the changes, including an immediate lifting of the moratorium on nominations.

In reviewing the criteria, the committee stressed that life membership is an important position in the League. A member is nominated after serving at provincial level (Ontario has a special norm), years of service and a willingness to continue serving national council, and all levels, when asked. It is not an award and is not to be referred to as such. The deadline for nominations remains December 15th.

Changes to the criteria include:

• Nominations and voting at each level are to be held by secret ballot. The nominee should not be in the room when her nomination is discussed.

• In Ontario “a nominee must have let her name stand for provincial election to office.”

• In provinces without diocesan councils “a nominee must have held the position of provincial past president prior to the .”

• The fee for the submission of a nomination is $300.00, due by February 1st.

• Listing workshops and presentations that the nominee has created/presented and including copies of same are to be included with the nomination papers.

• A letter will be sent from national office to life members biennially, requesting their willingness to serve and in what areas.


The life membership section of the National Manual of Policy and Procedure will include the updates in the April 2023 parish council mailing, however, the changes take effect immediately.


Shari Guinta

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization