Communique #4 – Spiritual Development

December 03, 2019

National Chairperson of Spiritual Development Shari Guinta, December 3, 2019


Advent: “arrival of a notable person, thing or event” (Oxford Dictionary).

Advent has begun, and with it, the excitement of waiting for what is to come. We will journey through Advent awaiting the arrival.
Each week of Advent brings us closer to the inevitable arrival of Jesus Christ. It may be difficult sometimes to focus on the reason for this season because of the activity surrounding us in the stores and malls. If we take just a few minutes each day to reflect and give a gift to ourselves, it may make us feel so much closer and anticipatory for the arrival.

I suggest Let the Heavens Be Glad: Advent Devotions inspired by Henri J. M. Nouwen—a small devotional booklet available from Creative Communications for the Parish at This booklet is excellent. It takes a couple of minutes each day, starting with a short verse from scripture, continuing with a reflection and then asks a question for personal reflection.

Another excellent resource is Advent Gospel Reflections by Bishop Robert Barron (Los Angeles). This resource is similar in that each daily reflection starts with a short verse from scripture, a reflection, and a question for personal reflection with a couple of lines to write your thoughts. I feel I can spare a few minutes each day to help me anticipate the arrival.

Bishop Barron has daily reflections on Instagram and all kinds of resources he offers through e-mail. Sign up for Bishop Barron’s Advent Gospel Reflections at to receive his reflections in your inbox.

I suggest to all chairpersons of spiritual development that you offer something to members to make this Advent special, holy, personal.

My pastor, Father Frank Freitas, in his homily this weekend—the first Sunday of Advent—said his hope was that this “be a Holy Christmas, not just a merry one.” We can try.