Communique #3 – Secretaries & Treasurers

September 17, 2019

National Secretary-Treasurer Janet McLean, September 17, 2019


Welcome to new provincial secretaries and treasurers as well as those who are starting their second year, as I am. Thank you for assuming these important roles at the provincial level. I know that some of you were at the national convention in Calgary in August. Was it not wonderful! I know I am always enriched after attending a national convention and hope you feel the same. If you have never attended a national convention, perhaps you will be able to participate next year in Montreal for the 100th anniversary of the League.

There are several questions I would like to ask concerning the annual survey forms. As you know, parish councils are asked to complete an online survey form. Results of these surveys for B.C. & Yukon, Alberta Mackenzie, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia are available to diocesan chairpersons. Is there a standard format your diocesan counterparts are asked to use when forwarding an annual report to you? Does the provincial council have a standard format you are to use when preparing your report? In the case of the Military Ordinariate, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Prince Edward Island, results are available to you directly. Does the provincial council have standard report forms you are to use when completing your annual report?

Last year I was pleased with all reports I received. Most contained a summary of the information requested in the parish online survey forms which were precisely what I wanted. I encourage including the number of reports received (i.e., four of four dioceses reported, 23 of 29 parish councils reported), so I have a picture of the total number of reports submitted across the country. Treasurers, in a memo being sent to parish councils at the end of September, I have asked all parish councils to complete the Treasurer’s Annual Report Form, which is attached and can be found under “Resources—Forms” on the national website. Please let your diocesan counterparts know about this so that they can remind parish councils to complete the form and send it to them directly by January 15th. For provinces with no diocesan councils, please ensure parish councils complete this form and forward it to you. A few comments last year that some of you found it a bit difficult compiling the information received from your diocesan level. Perhaps this is something which could be addressed by providing a standard reporting form to diocesan councils. If you have any questions about the annual report, do not hesitate to let me know.

Please get in touch with me if I can be of assistance. At the national convention, some members were disappointed the 1-800 telephone line has been discontinued. Cancellation of this number does not mean you cannot contact national when needing assistance. For some matters, direct communication with national is required. However, we do hope it will encourage members to follow the correct communication chain—that is, from parish to diocesan, diocesan to provincial, provincial to national. I will always be available to you if there are questions you have or which are referred to you. You can get in touch with me either by e-mail or telephone as mentioned below.

I would appreciate a copy of any communiqué you send to your counterparts. You may have some good suggestions or comments for members in your councils, which could also be of help to me—I always have more to learn.

Best wishes for a successful year,

Janet McLean
National Secretary-Treasurer