Communique #3 – National President

September 06, 2019

National President and Chairperson of International Relations Anne-Marie Gorman, September 6, 2019


Greetings dear provincial presidents. It is my pleasure to welcome back the presidents entering the second year of their term, Glenda Carson (Nova Scotia), Shirley Pierce (Prince Edward Island), Hazel Robichaud (New Brunswick), Tawnya Stringer (Military Ordinariate) and Gisela Montague (B.C. & Yukon). Newly elected presidents Judy Look (Alberta Mackenzie), Chantal Devine (Saskatchewan), Janet Brunger (Manitoba), Colleen Perry (Ontario), Rosa Lam (Quebec), and Ellen Merrigan (Newfoundland and Labrador) came to the national pre-convention meetings well briefed and prepared to serve their province and the League. Your voices echo the voices of the membership, and your successes and challenges are heard around the national executive/board table. Thank you for your selfless service, “For God and Canada.”

The League is entering into the final phases of preparations for the centenary anniversary. Provinces have and will continue to celebrate this extremely significant milestone through the initiatives set out by the centenary committee. The promotion of the League through active service and advocacy in your provinces cannot be underestimated. Seeing is believing. What you do within your membership shines a light on the Gospel values. What you do for the least among us can only make for a better world, one gift of a smile, hug, conversation, piece of warm clothing or blanket, and aid at a time. The knowledge that the little things done for people are appreciated is the reward—it energizes us to continue. I trust plans are underway in every province to make the 100th anniversary celebration in Montreal the largest ever in League history.

The second phase of the strategic plan is well underway. The implementation committee has three “Year 1” working groups tirelessly working the plan and planning the work. The updated PowerPoint presentation is being shared with you through the national liaison to the implementation committee, Fran Lucas. Continuing education of members this year and throughout the years of the plan is key to everyone’s understanding. How you accomplish this task will be seen through the annual reports from parish councils. I can scarcely wait to read the results of these efforts.

Pope St. John Paul II said “Real love is demanding… Love demands a personal commitment to the will of God.” How we demonstrate personal commitment through the League will be evident in how many members respond to God’s call to grow in faith, serve, and work towards social justice. Sounds easy, but any baby steps taken individually and collectively will change the world.

Have you a plan to include and inform the spiritual advisors in your province? Fostering open communication with the spiritual advisor is an integral part of the president’s role. The success of the organization depends on their prayerful and physical support. The League is blessed with many wonderful women and men who are advisors. Ensure all, from every corner of each province, know and celebrate the blessings of having The Catholic Women’s League of Canada in the parish. Invite all to come and see—they will not be disappointed. You will have grown this resource and it will help set your parishes afire.

Watch for communiqués from standing committees. These contain valuable information and activities that can be completed this year beginning in September. Enjoy the sisterhood as you work together.

God bless your year ahead. Is it not exciting to be on the cusp of a new-looking League? You can say you were there to nurture it from its infancy. Bellelle Guerin must have known how powerful the Holy Spirit is and how valuable the intercession of Our Lady of Good Counsel would always be in leading the League in the church and country.

Your sister in the League,

Anne-M Gorman
National President