Communique #3 – Laws

September 03, 2019

National Past President and Chairperson of Laws Margaret Ann Jacobs, September 3, 2019


Greetings my friends,

Welcome to a new year in the League to those past presidents eager to complete the work begun and to those past presidents new to the role: June Fuller, Rolande Chernichan, Anne Madden, Linda Chisholm, Barbara McGrath and Margaret Schwab. Your challenge will be to establish short and long-term goals and a timeline to achieve them.

Essential for all chairpersons is the need to continually access and refer to the resource documents provided:

† National website for manuals
National Manual of Policy and Procedure
Constitution & Bylaws
Executive Handbook (Past President pages 21-24)
† Resources and references
† Communiques
† Resource list
Handbook for Past Presidents

I encourage you to review with a sharp eye and identify those places where editing and updating are required.

I often draw from the writings of Brett Powell who says visionary leaders analyze current situations honestly and communicate a picture of a preferred future that inspires hope. I believe past presidents are the visionary leaders he writes about, called upon to do so in a quiet, behind the scenes manner.

Members are clamouring for change in the League. As past presidents, though not on the forefront of the wonderful unfolding of an envisioned future, the brave, selfless leaders accepting this challenge need us to encourage, support and affirm their efforts.

As past presidents, there is more time to observe, reflect and advise, and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and most of all, members who possess a specific talent, passion and need to participate. Past presidents are the gardeners who cultivate, nourish and bring to harvest amazing possibilities for the League in the future through members whose talents may go unrecognized.

From queries forwarded last spring, there is a need to address the elections process as it is the past president most often called upon to oversee the nominations and elections process. Expect a communique on this topic this fall. The election register is essential and will be updated by this time.

If there are other topics you would like addressed, please contact me—I encourage questions. Know that if I do not have an immediate response, I will investigate on your behalf.

There is much to do… history, archives, policy …! You are an important member of the executive team—as support, cheerleader, advisor—invisibly rebuilding the League as “A vital participant in the church; A valued partner for social justice; A respected advocate at all government levels; Connected to the world” (The Catholic Women’s League of Canada Plans Strategically 2018-2022).

“Even though God has the power to renew the face of the earth with mighty winds and powerful forces, he does not do so. He chooses to use you and me—he wants to bring renewal in his people through his people” (Dan DeMatte, Holiness Revolution).