Communique #21 – Community Life

March 26, 2021

National Chairperson of Community Life Marie Rackley, March 26, 2021


My dear League sisters,

I pray this communique finds you, your council and your family well. It has undoubtedly been a difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ups and downs members have experienced in their communities. However, there is good news—soon, vaccinations will be widely available. Please continue to pray that by December, members might be able to enjoy a joyous Christmas and return things to the way they were. It may not be 100%, but it may be close enough so that Canadians can celebrate.

Last September, several resolutions under the community life standing committee portfolio were slated to be archived due to old material and changes in the law. However, these topics are still very relevant to the work the League does today. I have listed a few of these resolutions that can be resubmitted with updated information and presented at diocesan conventions in 2022 and, if adopted, to provincial councils to move forward. The complete list of resolutions can be found at If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me through Amanda McCormick at national office. She may be reached at (204) 927-2314 or by e-mail at

2009.01 Exit Strategies for Prostituted Persons: The topic is relevant; however, it needs new materials. The reference term “prostituted persons” is no longer used. This issue remains important for the League, but a new resolution is needed.

2005.06 Developing Countries and Water [shared with education and health]: The topic is relevant, and the issue was sent to the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations.

2003.01 Affordable Housing for Low-Income Canadians: The topic remains relevant.

2001.01 Water Quality in Canada: The topic is relevant.

2000.08 Sweatshops: The topic is relevant; however, the second resolved clause covers action that may only be taken by members (e.g. awareness on health and safety issues).

1999.09 Bulk Fresh Water Resources [with education and health]: The topic remains relevant. Canadians do not want the agreement to share Canada’s bulk water with the United States. It is also a provincial issue: Jurisdiction over water is divided between parliament and the provincial legislatures, with some overlap. Provinces generally have authority over natural resources within their boundaries. [Provincial focus].

1999.02 Childhood Abuse in Institutions: The topic is relevant, and resources are being made available, with focus coming from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. A new resolution can be presented with a focus on current events.

1999.01 Elder Abuse/Assault Awareness: The topic is relevant; however, the resolution was addressed to members only. A new resolution could be written with reference to long-term care homes [provincially funded]. Provinces continue to address this issue and other organizations.

1997.09 Restorative Justice Programs for Young Offenders: The topic remains relevant, and members continue to monitor this concern.

1984.06 Spousal Abuse: The topic is relevant. An action plan and references are not available on the website. Note: Claire’s Law; A resolution to address law enforcement applying the law could be considered. (No teeth to the law if law enforcement will not apply it). New references are required—too many types of abuse.

I want to thank National Chairperson of Resolutions Cathy Bouchard for sending this summary so that these resolutions can be presented with current updated information, so the League can continue to focus on the needs of God’s people.

Development and Peace:
After an investigation that spanned three years, The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace–Caritas Canada (CCODP) have revealed they will sever relationships with 24 of the 63 organizations included in the inquiry. The decision was based on the joint sub-committee’s report where, “a lack of clarification to resolve serious questions regarding support for positions or actions in conflict with the Church’s social and moral teaching,” was reported. The initial review identified 52 organizations and 11 more were added later.

An article “D & P cuts ties with 24 partners following review” by Michael Swan was published in the March 7th issue of The Catholic Register. “Although every issue that came to light over the course of the investigation concerned online discussion of abortion, gay rights, gender politics and feminism, the CCCB insists its concerns were not limited to sexual morality and abortion,” the article states. Lisa Gall, a CCCB spokesperson said, “What can be shared is that the review considered all areas of the Church’s social and moral teachings.” (The Catholic Register) Both the CCODP and CCCB staff work together on a new international partnerships committee.

As Holy Week draws nearer, some churches will be open throughout the provinces, so church communities may be able to participate and celebrate the events leading to the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. May this time of year fill your spiritual life with an abundance of joy, knowing He who was put to death has Risen. I am praying for you and your family that the Easter season will bring everlasting peace and joy.

Marie Rackley
National Chairperson of Community Life