Communique #21 – Communications

July 06, 2021

National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, July 6, 2021


Dear League sisters and Bishop Jensen,

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my League sisters—those who contributed articles and stories to The Canadian League, On the Spot and for The Catholic Register’s congratulatory piece celebrating the League’s 100th anniversary, and many more encounters both in person, via e-mail and letters. As members were not privy to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, other opportunities arose that provided alternate avenues to celebrate. One was a special issue of the magazine that included many personal stories and history of the League’s past 100 years as the best sisterhood in the world. My term was initially for two years, but given the pandemic, we had the opportunity to take on a third year. As I look back, it was with wonderful blessings as we had to become educated in various ways of communicating, which was for the most part out of my comfort zone, such as GoToMeeting and Zoom conference calls. Although I must say, I truly missed in-person meetings and social gatherings, but that provides another opportunity for excitement looking forward to attending future events with my sisters in Christ. Thank you to spiritual advisors at all levels, particularly the former and current national spiritual advisors Bishop William McGrattan (Calgary) and Bishop Stephen Jenson (Prince George), the national executive, office staff, and many others who have helped along the way. It has been my pleasure working with all of you.

The Catholic Register: Please ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage members to watch for The Catholic Register that will come out in either July or August, as it will contain a congratulatory submission on the 100th anniversary of the League. Thank you to everyone who so kindly agreed to be interviewed or submitted stories. There were many wonderful articles collected and sent to the newspaper for this project. Unfortunately, not all submissions will be used, but we know the newspaper’s team will do its best to showcase the League. Additional copies may be available for councils’ archives or to share.

The Canadian League Magazine: Friendly reminder, the fall issue will be available online only. National office will not be printing and mailing copies. For councils wishing to print a copy or two for members who do not have Internet access, a black and white, print-friendly version of the issue will also be available on the website. Would you please ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage councils to print copies for members without Internet access? If funding is a challenge, perhaps some members would like to donate to their council to cover printing and postage costs. The online version will be reviewed in the fall by the newly elected chairperson of communication and the magazine committee.

2021 Annual National Meeting of Members: Please encourage your diocesan counterparts to invite members to register for the annual national meeting of members and take in whatever sessions they wish. There is no registration fee; however, it is limited to 1,000 members. Members are encouraged to register soon.

Implementation Committee: Have you seen Goal 1 Lead Lisa Henry’s June update on the national website? The fruits of the marketing working group are coming to fruition to enable the League to continue to serve as Jesus’ heart and hands well into the future. Clark Marketing and Communications continues to work with this working group creating awareness and showcasing the League’s strengths with members and non-members. Have you visited the To Inspire page at You will be impressed! This year’s campaigns will include three videos of interviews with young Catholic women, a thirty-second video commercial, a digital affirmation campaign for members and a digital map to promote the audience to share posts/content with someone in their social media circles. These projects will help market the League to non-members. When viewing these media posts, take the time to hit the like button—the more members do this, the more the League is promoted.

The reorganization working group worked hard to review the existing standing committees and reduce them to three to align with the new core values of faith, service and social justice, streamline executive officers at all levels, create distinctive roles for each level, and simplify meeting and reporting procedures. Much of the work produced is included in the instructed vote now in the hands of the parish councils. However, there is so much more to report; therefore, I encourage you to visit the national website at and review the implementation committee’s monthly updates.

The implementation committee’s July update by Sr. Susan Scott is on the national website. Review it to see what is coming from the social justice working group (Goal 2). There will be five documents available soon for members to access and begin to use. Watch for them in the fall on the national Facebook page and website. What else is new? Visit to find out more.

Pornography: As provinces and territories are beginning to open up and councils will resume meeting in person this fall, a good activity for councils to consider might be to send out the pornography hurts postcards. According to some media, a federal election may be called this fall. As Catholic women in Canada, members want to know where the prime minister, his colleagues and other candidates stand on such issues.

In closing, thank you for the past three years, which have provided me with spiritual development and education that I would never have had if it was not for The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us always, as together we work “For God and Canada.”

Love and prayers,

Doreen Gowans
National Chairperson of Communications