Communique #2 – Spiritual Development

August 27, 2021

National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Spiritual Development Cathy Bouchard, August 27, 2021.


Encl. National Faith Day Outline

Important Prayer Dates:
There are two important upcoming days of prayer, and I cannot help but think of this as an opportunity to bring members together in prayer.

National Day of Faith, September 19
At the recent national annual meeting of members, former National Chairperson of Spiritual Development Chairperson Shari Guinta (2018-2021), announced the new National Faith Day. The incentive for this National Faith Day has been gifted to the League by the implementation committee’s misconceptions working group led by Life Member Jacqueline Nogier (Snow River, Manitoba), with Laura Wilson (Anmore, British Columbia), Sylvia Jurys (West Kelowna, British Columbia), Mary Hunt (Edmonton, Alberta) and Karen Rossiter (St. Peters, Prince Edward Island). The outline of National Faith Day is enclosed. Please share the concept of this day and the outline with your diocesan counterparts and ask them to share with parish chairpersons to develop for their councils. This day is set aside as September 19th; however, councils may also choose to celebrate this day on any convenient date.

National Day of Prayer for Canadian Home Missions, October 1
The Catholic faith began in Canada through the commitment of missionaries. Catholic Missions In Canada (CMIC) exists to advance and sustain the Catholic faith in remote and poor mission communities across Canada. One way members can assist CMIC is to make contributions to the national voluntary fund for this purpose. One of the challenges to Canadian missionaries is the far distances between Catholic communities and the high cost of living and getting to isolated communities. Many Canadian missions are remote, isolated and accessible only by air. “Mission activity was the first action of the Apostles.” (CMIC) When the Canadas began, French missionaries accompanying explorers, continued that action in North America. We are encouraged by Pope Francis, in joining in the National Day of Prayer for Canadian Home Missions, “asking God’s blessing on our mission areas. Our Canadian missionaries and the Catholics they serve need your prayers.” (ibid) Please ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage members to join their League sisters in prayer on National Day of Prayer for the Canadian Home Missions on October 1st. Learn more at

God bless you as you continue your work, “For God and Canada.”

Cathy Bouchard
National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Spiritual Development