Communique #2 – Education and Health

August 31, 2021

National Chairperson of Education and Health Margaret Schwab, August 31, 2021.


Earth Action Initiative Poster

In keeping with the national theme Care for Our Common Home, the League is invited to participate in the Earth Action Initiative sponsored by the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO).

Call to Action: “In the face of the plastic and toxic waste crisis that is devastating oceans, lakes and rivers, people [worldwide] are called upon to eliminate any further damage to the Earth’s water resources and to clean up the damage already sustained.” (WUCWO)

Please ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage members to choose any day in September to actively participate in an environmental clean-up project within their community. Some suggested projects include:

  • Organize a plastic and waste clean-up event along waterways, roadways and public spaces.
  • Organize a public event to educate attendees about the plastic waste crisis.
  • Advocate for better landfill practices particularly where waste could enter a water system.
  • Advocate for eliminating single-use plastics and re-using and recycling disposable plastics.
  • Change personal habits by:
  1. reducing the use of plastic products.
  2. re-using plastic containers as often as possible
  3. recycling plastics that can no longer be used
  4. ensure plastics are not contaminated (i.e. food waste) before recycling

“This is to continue to recognize our collective responsibility, as part of humanity, to care for the planet that God created and placed in our care and take steps to reduce and reverse the damage already sustained.” (WUCWO)

Margaret Schwab
National Chairperson of Education and Health