Communique #2 – Communications

October 24, 2018

National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, October 24, 2018



Inspired by the Spirit, Women Respond to God’s Call

I encourage you to act on the following items.

New Pornography Postcard: I am happy to announce that the League has been gifted a new mandatory age verification for adult pornographic websites pornography hurts postcard from B.C. & Yukon Provincial Council. The post card is available on the national website ready to be printed. The post card incorporates:

Resolution 2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites

Whereas, in Canada there are no laws requiring mandatory age verification mechanisms for adult pornographic websites; and

Whereas, Canada’s children and adolescents often have unrestricted access to Internet-connected devices, and can easily be exposed to adult content on websites without restriction – whether intentionally or otherwise; and

Whereas, studies show that early exposure to pornography can often lead to distorted views of sexuality and its role in fostering healthy relationships; therefore, be it

Resolved, that national council of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada in 97th annual national convention assembled urge the federal government to enact laws requiring mandatory age verification mechanisms for adult pornographic websites.

The brief and action plan are also available on the national website. Statistics Canada reported in 2017 that child pornography increased over 200% within the last decade. Canada currently does not have an age verification requirement, therefore minors can accidentally or knowingly access websites containing pornography.

Encourage members, friends and parishioners to send the postcards, no postage required, to the prime minister, members of parliament and the federal minister of justice requesting legislation be created to ensure that adult websites verify the age of the users. Including a question on the postcard provides the recipient an opportunity to reply. I would be interested in knowing how many replies are received from each province. The replies may influence how members vote in the federal election in 2019. A tip provided by Sylvia Jurys [title]: if you put your postcard in an envelope, the envelope is registered when received by the government department and they need to acknowledge it with a reply.

Media for Evangelization Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. EST: there will be a showing of A Women’s Voice: Conversations of Discernment and Grace on Salt + Light TV. National Chairperson of Resolutions Cathy Bouchard shared that at her zone (region) meeting members watched the DVD followed by small group discussion on the many roles of women as caregivers, communicators, problem solvers and proactive members of society.

As communications standing committee chairpersons members are asked to promote faith-oriented programs within their areas. I encourage you to research and share these events with your members.

National Website: The national website is up and running and I pray you are enjoying the new format. Let me know how you like it. Reminder to send in your submissions to On The Spot. It is enjoyable to see the good things happening across the country.

The Canadian League Magazine: members will be receiving the latest edition soon. To improve the magazine and help reduce costs, will you provide the following information? The magazine contains oral reports from the annual national convention held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Do members appreciate reviewing the oral reports in print or are they finding it repetitive? How many members use the magazine as a resource in their councils for information on the resolutions adopted at convention or information sharing? Are there other ways to make the magazine more valuable? Suggestions are welcome. This does not mean changes are coming, I’m just trying to improve the magazine.

Your Sister in the League

Doreen Gowans
National Chairperson of Communications