Communique #18 – Organization

June 03, 2021

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, June 3, 2021


Members are familiar with the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation (CWLF), which was established in 2012 with the League’s help. The CWLF’s past communications chairperson has sent its spring newsletter and asked that the newsletter be shared with councils. It includes news from the board’s co-chairpersons, an introduction to its new leadership program participants and some parting words from the graduating class. The spring newsletter may be read at

I am pleased to see members participating in the program and utilizing what they learn back in their parish and diocesan councils.

Please ask your diocesan counterparts to share this information with members and remind them of the vision of the Sisters of Service and the Catholic Women’s League. Read more about the history of the foundation and League involvement at

To the provincial chairpersons of organization who have or will soon complete their time as chairperson, thank you for your love of the League and willingness to go the extra mile in all that you do. I look forward to seeing you at the national executive/board meetings in the very near future! To those chairpersons who continue to fill this very important role, I wish you well and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your past and continued service.

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization