Communique #17 — Community Life

February 14, 2023

National Chairperson of Community Life Faith Anderson, February 14, 2023


Dear sisters in the League,

Pope Francis’ historic visit in July 2022 to apologize to Indigenous peoples in Canada for the injustices endured through the residential school system, combined with his theme of Walking Together, has given the League an opportunity to reflect on the role of its relationships with Indigenous women.

To give life to ‘Deepening Relationships with Indigenous Catholic Women’ and, in particular, the League’s Indigenous members, an ad hoc committee was struck consisting of national officers and Indigenous members. The committee wishes to gather information from members at large so it can recommend the necessary supports and resources to ensure Indigenous members are equally valued, respected, nurtured and able to fully participate in all League activities and projects, and to encourage them to take on leadership roles.

To that end, provincial chairpersons are asked to forward this communiqué to the next level and to request that each member at the parish level be encouraged to complete the survey by March 31st. For those who are unable to access the survey, encourage other members to provide support. The survey can be accessed at

It is each member’s responsibility as a Catholic and Living It! to be an agent of change through listening, education and ensuring their heart and attitude embrace Indigenous members.

Faith Anderson

National Chairperson of Community Life