Communique #16 – Organization

March 15, 2021

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, March 15, 2021.


In his message for Lent 2021, Pope Francis writes, “During this season of conversion, let us renew our faith, draw from the ‘living water’ of hope, and receive with open hearts the love of God, who makes us brothers and sisters in Christ.”

At the board teleconference held March 4-6, several items affecting members and tied to your role as chairperson of organization were discussed and decided upon.

  • Based on the results of a life member survey held in January to address the accountability of life members and an over-representation at annual meetings of members, a motion was adopted to place a moratorium on awarding life memberships, effective March 7, 2021. The decision was one of the original options recommended by the life membership ad hoc committee in 2020. Two other options—developing stricter nomination criteria and evaluating life members’ performance—were not felt to be practical at this time.
  • In February, new steps were incorporated into the process to follow when new member leads are received at national on the “Join” feature of the national website. Two letters will be sent—one to the potential new member and the second to the diocesan chairperson of organization. These are attached to this communique for your information. The letters are being used successfully with positive results!
  • The membership statistics show 10 unpaid councils. Most of these are councils that have lost all contact with the League, thereby leaving the League without formal notice. Please ask your diocesan counterparts (provincial responsibility where no diocesan council) to move to formally disband such councils at their next executive meeting.
  • News that will bring joy to many is that an upgrade to the membership database is in development! Many of the enhancements requested by parish administrators will be implemented, as well as others identified. Progress will be shared in future communications.

You are encouraged to share this information with your diocesan counterparts. At the same time, I know you will offer your assistance to deal with any challenges they may be experiencing or offer a response to a particular concern that they may voice.

May your Easter be filled with God’s blessings.

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization