Communique #15 – Organization

January 14, 2021

National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, January 14, 2021


Annual Reports
The deadline to complete the parish online annual survey is days away. The two webinars offered on “How to Complete an Annual Survey” had great participation and feedback indicated they were most beneficial. Now the report writing will begin. Due dates for completion are as follows:

From  To By
Parish President Diocesan President December 15 by paper
January 15 electronically
Parish Chairpersons Diocesan Chairpersons December 15 by paper
January 15 electronically
Diocesan Chairpersons Diocesan president & Provincial Chairpersons February 15
Diocesan Life Member Liaison Provincial Life Member Liaison February 15
Diocesan President Provincial President March 1
Provincial Chairpersons Provincial President & National Chairpersons March 15
Provincial Life Member Liaison National Life Member Liaison March 15
Provincial Presidents National President & National Office March 31
National Life Member Liaison National Organization Chairperson March 31
National Chairpersons National President & National Office April 15
National President National Office April 30

As per the National Manual of Policy and Procedure, membership dues are due to parish councils on January 1st each year. Parish councils are then to remit per capita fees to national office by February 28th. Last year posed a challenge for smooth collection and transmission of per capita fees, and 2021 may pose similar challenges. Please encourage your diocesan counterparts to reach out to those who have not paid for 2020 and closely watch the current year’s collection. The operation of diocesan, provincial and national levels are dependent on these fees. In December, online membership webinars were delivered to assist those not yet using the system to see its many benefits and how easy it is to use. For others, it was a refresher. During this pandemic, online membership is the most efficient way to keep council membership information updated and submit per capita fees. Please encourage diocesan standing committee chairpersons to work with their councils to do so.

The offering of the two different webinars mentioned above and the various other online activities by national indicates a level of online activity that will only increase moving forward. Please encourage members to visit the national website once a week. The new tab on the home page, To Inspire, is a must for all to be familiar with. This new page is a direct result of the marketing working group’s efforts for the strategic plan. There will be much more posted there in the weeks and months to come.

The strategic plan’s implementation committee continues to work with seven working groups on all four goals. Encourage diocesan chairpersons to keep parish councils informed on the work being done, so members are aware of the activity in various areas.

When you began your term as provincial president-elect, you were asked to set short and long-term goals and to access your progress on them regularly. Have you managed to accomplish all or some? Consider looking at your goals and see what more can be accomplished in the months ahead.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to keep you safe and strong,

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization