Communique #15 – Christian Family Life

May 13, 2021

National Chairperson of Christian Family Life Pat Deppiesse, May 13, 2021


I am a bit late with this announcement. Time has gotten away from me lately, as I have discovered I can get together with family for walks, provided masks are worn, and I love it! I hope this message has reached you in time and ask that you forward it to your diocesan counterparts and they, in turn, to parish councils as soon as it is received. Thank you for your help in distributing this important message.

National March for Life (Virtual)
Thursday, May 13th at 12:30 EDT.
The theme this year is You Are Not Alone. Pray for:
Unborn child – you are not alone
Pregnant mother – you are not alone
Beloved senior – you are not alone
Remember the words of Christ, “I am with you always” (Mt. 28:20)

Members believe in life from conception to natural death. As indoor and outdoor public events and social gatherings are not permitted at this time across much of Canada, I encourage you to pray on May 13th for those above, and for an end to the pandemic. Ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage councils to go online for daily virtual events this week, including the march, masses, candlelight vigils and wonderful speakers. You may find this information on the March for Life website (, YouTube channel (, or Google “March for Life – Ottawa” and see the 2021 theme launch, faith at the march, and how to become a sponsor. As gathering restrictions are in place, it would be wonderful if members could also watch a local virtual march, available in some provinces.

On another matter, I watched a most informative and beautiful film, Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary – Amazing Scientific Analysis at This documentary may answer questions members may have regarding the proposal to make her the League’s new patroness. It is about one hour long and is absolutely stunning.

May God bless you and keep you safe—we are almost over this pandemic!

With much love,

Pat Deppiesse
National Chairperson of Christian Family Life