Communique #13 — Community Life

December 08, 2022

National Chairperson of Community Life Faith Anderson, December 8, 2022


Fall Action Wrap-up 2022 Campaign Guidelines


Advent is a period of preparation. As we prepare, may we fully embrace the true meaning of Christ’s coming.

Human Trafficking Study Guide

During a webinar on November 24 and 26, the study guide Working Towards Freedom: Human Trafficking Study Guide was introduced. The guide is divided into four sections and follows a particular learning model: See, Learn, Pray, Act. Download the guide at The guide includes information on how to use it, along with resources and prayers. Using the guide in a group setting of at least four and not more than eight people is recommended. Following is a link to a Salt + Light Media video, Unbound: A Conversation Against Human Trafficking, which provides more information and statistics on human trafficking at The Catholic Register (November 20th) published an excellent article on the guide. View it at

News from Development and Peace—Caritas Canada (D&P)

Are You a Member of Development and Peace-Caritas Canada Yet?

Since 1967, many League members have heeded the call “to witness to the love of God through ministry and service” by supporting D&P. The joint 1% Program is built on the two organizations’ shared principles. Women who are members of both organizations know that D&P’s work rests on faith, service and social justice, the very pillars of the League.

As the official development organization of the Canadian Catholic church, D&P is guided by Catholic social teaching. Through trusted partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, it supports marginalized communities, Indigenous peoples and women in their social, economic and ecological justice struggles. Its humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs help restore human dignity by enabling communities to realize their aspirations. D&P also educates Canadians about the root causes of poverty and empowers them to act and advocate for meaningful change.

Join the Movement!

In its 55th anniversary year, D&P invites League members to join its movement. More than 11,000 D&P members live their faith through solidarity with less fortunate persons in the Global South. It is a community of Canadian Catholics that care about global justice, humanitarianism and development. A lifetime membership costs only $10.00 and is free for persons under 35. As a bonus, sign up during the current membership drive ends (January 13th) to become eligible to win a free trip to Montreal to meet D&P partners from Honduras, Colombia and Cambodia. Members who sign up new recruits are also eligible for this draw. An online party on January 14th will be held to welcome all new members. It is an opportunity for councils and individual members to support D&P as a way to live the national theme, Catholic and Living It! Ask your diocesan counterparts to encourage members to join at

Planet First Campaign – Following are several links to find out more about the campaign:

News from Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

Melodie Gabriel, Development Officer for CNEWA, recently shared a message with the League. “Thank you for supporting the work of CNEWA during these challenging times in Ukraine, in the Holy Land and beyond. On December 25th, the international president of CNEWA, Msgr. Peter Vaccari, will be at Christmas midnight mass at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. He will be offering up the intentions of all our donors….” Individuals wishing to submit their special intentions may do so at

In December, “CNEWA is also highlighting the needs of poor children in Syria affected by war this Christmas.” Visit

For recent updates from CNEWA, watch these videos from:

This is a gentle reminder to ask your diocesan counterparts to share this information as resources for parish councils to take action as they see fit or keep it as information for future and ongoing action. As members encounter the Advent season of waiting and preparing, they are mindful that it is also the season of giving and is an opportunity to be Catholics and Living It!

Faith Anderson

National Chairperson of Community Life