Communique #13 – Communications

May 29, 2020

National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, May 29, 2020.


Dear provincial chairpersons of communications,

Actions speak louder than words! “If you say that actions speak louder than words, you mean that people’s actions show their real attitudes, rather than what they say. This expression is sometimes used to advise a person to do something positive” (

On the Spot/Facebook: What have you or members in your province been doing during these COVID-19 restrictions, with members at home and socially distanced from each other, parishioners, family and friends? You are invited to send pictures of activities that you or members in your province have done to keep busy, educated and spiritually enriched. Share your “new” homebound life with members from coast to coast, so others can see what innovative ideas have been created across the country. One member kept busy completing exceptionally large puzzles while staying home. Other members are selling centennial commemorative pins in honour of the League’s 100th anniversary, or pashminas for the 2022 annual national convention in Kelowna, British Columbia. One parish council planted a tree for the 100th anniversary. What is happening in your province?

The national administrative committee has opened the current criteria for submissions to On the Spot. As members are currently unable to gather at their parish for meetings or events, pictures and write-ups will now be accepted that include one member, or more if social distancing, sharing their stay at home activities until further notice. Please send submissions to

Let us keep members engaged in wanting to view the website to see what is new in the League community and how members are filling their spare time. Submissions will be posted as quickly and efficiently as possible on Facebook and On the Spot. I challenge each parish council to send a picture and write up!

Communication: Are your members looking for something to read? As reported by National Life Member Liaison Ann Doucet, Honorary Life Member Ardis Beaudry and Life Member Rose-Marie McCarthy have published a book entitled WINning: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Opening a Women’s Shelter and is about the early founders of one of the first women’s shelters in Canada.

The book is summarized as one that “tells the story of how a disparate group of women (and a few men) saw a need to help women and young girls coming to Edmonton with no place to go, and found a way to address that need through pure determination in the late 1960s/early 1970s, at a time when the concept of a women’s shelter was an unknown entity. Four of the early founders, Ardis Beaudry, Rose-Marie McCarthy, Phyllis Ellis and Lynn Hannley formed a committee to produce the book in conjunction with author Marsha Mildon. The book chronicles the 50-year history (1970-2020) and the stories of… Edmonton Women’s Shelter and the subsequent shelters.”

The book pays tribute to the founders, church groups and secular agencies, volunteers and staff who created and continue to provide safe shelters for women in need. The online book launch is anticipated for June 1, 2020! For more information and book orders, visit or e-mail

Websites: As chairpersons of communication, when was the last time your provincial council updated its website? I encourage you to review your website and ask yourself, does it need updating, does it meet the needs of women today? Perhaps form a committee to research and see what popular websites look like and decide to upgrade or revise your current website? Invite younger women to review it and ask for their input. This might be an opportunity to involve younger women. If they are willing to help update the website and are not officially members, you may want to present them with a membership as a thank you gift. A website should have a search engine to enable members to access information quickly and easily. It must be current, updated regularly and informative.

The National Manual of Policy and Procedure (Section 10 Media, Page 148) outlines “Thoughts Around Website Development.” One suggested don’t includes:

  • Duplicate material that can be found on other CWL sites that have ownership over the material (e.g., national reports – a link to the national page will suffice).

The strategic planning documents, monthly updates and invitations to join new working groups can be found at or accessed through the quick link at leggi l’articolo.
You may wish to share this information with diocesan councils as well.

Blessed Are You Who Believed
(An excerpt by Carlo Carretto)

When you forgive your enemy,
when you feed the hungry,
when you defend the weak,
you believe in the resurrection.
When you have the courage to marry,
when you welcome a newly born child,
when you make a home together,
you believe in the resurrection.
When you wake at peace in the morning,
when you sing to the rising sun,
when you go to work with joy,
you believe in the resurrection.

What are you doing to enhance yourself as a resurrection woman? Share your stories.

Love and prayers,

Doreen Gowans
National Chairperson of Communications